LaLiga and the RFEF agree to approve new rules in post-pandemic football

LaLiga and the RFEF agree to approve new rules in post-pandemic football

The Federation (RFEF) and LaLiga (LNFP) have met to agree on the rules related to the potential consequences or derived from the covid in the Rules and Rules of competition, which will be submitted for ratification to the RFEF Management Commission and the delegate commission of the LNFP this Monday.

Both institutions have sent the same press release announcing that ” these measures are intended to introduce a safeguard to modify the competition rules in the event that the circumstances arising from the pandemic so require”.

Specifically, rules are set “to define the alternative stadiums of each team for cases in which the matches could not be played in their own stadiums.”

Also “the rules of minimum authorized players of the first team and of the team as a whole are modified to be able to play the matches”.

Similarly, “The criteria for the postponement of the matches and the competitive consequences are set in the event that they cannot be played.”

“A different model of the play-off is agreed in the event that it could not be played through the established two-party system.”

“The possibility of replacing the members of the coaching staff is set and the previous arrival times of the teams at the stadiums are shortened.”

Despite the existence of some differences of opinion between the RFEF and the LNFP in some specific aspects, both parties understand that “at this time an agreement is essential to facilitate the start of the competition.”

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