Keyboard, mouse and 10-inch screen: the ‘tablet’ for back to school for less than 100 euros

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This model includes complete accessories for fluent work and study
Despite the fact that there is still nothing clear for back to school, the back to school could arrive at any time during the next few weeks. And whether conducted in person and virtual , now more than ever must be prepared for the next school year will be successful; which implies having the essential technological tools to study and work without disadvantages.

Fortunately, this does not mean that you have to invest too much money to cover this expense with guarantees. The best example is the 10-inch tablet from the Yotopt brand , which is one of the best-selling models on Amazon . Without a doubt, its greatest advantage is that it includes all the necessary accessories to work fluently (keyboard, mouse, cover, etc.) and that it costs less than 100 euros . It has a one-year guarantee and has been evaluated by more than 5,000 customers , who have rated it 4.2 stars out of five .

Built-in cameras, mouse and keyboard cover
Inspired by the design of the iPad, this tablet sports a large 10.1-inch screen with HD resolution to enjoy quality multimedia content. Of course, it is ready to make video calls , with a 5 MP front camera , as well as to take 2 MP photos with its rear camera . But the best part is that it includes a leather case , a keyboard and a mouse – which are connected via Bluetooth – to work comfortably as if it were a laptop.

In the opinion of one of the buyers , the resolution of the screen is “more than enough to read texts without any problem”, as is the brightness. In his experience, “the tactile response is excellent, it responds without problems the first time”. A similar opinion writes Jesús Javier Rueda : “The resolution of the screen is very good and the interface, very comfortable. It’s a good size for my use and it’s much lighter than walking around with a laptop. ”

Broad capacity and access to 4G
The great capacities of this tablet are not only on the outside, since it comes equipped with a Quad-Core processor that, in combination with its 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage (expandable to 128 GB with a micro SD card), manage to multitask quickly and smoothly. It can be connected to any Wifi network, but it also has two SIM card slots , with which you can make calls and connect to 4G internet from anywhere, as well as take advantage of the integrated GPS to navigate.

Juani is one of the clients satisfied with her purchase: “I was very pleasantly surprised. It has some exceptional characteristics. Very good image quality and spectacular sound. It works very fast and does not get stuck ”. Likewise, for another client it is “a well-finished product”, which stands out because “you can use it as a telephone and, therefore, take advantage of the data of the rate you have”.
Long-lasting battery and access to the Play Store
So far it has been seen that this tablet has no limits. But if to this is added a battery with up to 72 hours of autonomy and a fast charge of only two and a half hours , the possibilities to use it as a complete work tool are clear. And because it works with the Android 9.0 operating system , it offers access to the Google Play Store to download any productivity application – such as the Office package – and entertainment applications to watch Netflix, Instagram or have fun with video games.

The client Nacho shares that “after a week of use, giving it wax, it behaves very well and the battery holds up well.” The experience of another user has also been positive: “Android very fluid and fast. It complies 100% with what is required of a tablet: fluid Facebook, fluid Instagram … I have not yet found a game that moves slowly.

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