José Manuel Nieto: “Companies that are not ‘full-digital’ will not survive the post Covid-19 era”

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The end of the analog age seems to be closer. The new business scenario, framed after the first wave of Covid-19, has accelerated the digital transformation of many companies. Some experts put this technological leap in five years, others in six and even in some sectors the digital advance in the last 60 days is already comparable to the impact of almost a decade.

This new socio-economic stage now has different rules of the game and also opportunities to open up to now unpublished lines of business. ” The coronavirus is changing the way we do business and it is digitizing us . The death of the analog world is already a reality and we have to adapt to it. Companies that are not full-digital will not be able to survive in the new post-economic scenario. Covid-19 “, highlights the managing director of Techedge Group Iberia & Latam, José Manuel Nieto.

Techedge, which has carried out projects for companies such as Fiat Chrysler, Repsol, Whirlpool or Cocacola, has just designed a portfolio of solutions with the aim of helping Spanish companies to successfully address this new market normality. “Now they are smaller projects, with a lower budget, but with an immediate start-up, ” adds Nieto.

Because of the recent crisis, companies’ strategies have gone in just three months from thinking about growth and profits to maintaining cash flow and securing market share. “It is difficult to predict the future that we will live. The normality that we will find will surely have a different form than the previous one . The habits that the crisis has introduced will become part of this new normal: remote work, digital experiences or collaborative tools,” he highlights the manager.

But where is innovation now? “What was previously perceived as a destabilizing innovation has now become a necessity to carry out daily operations and will continue to be so in the future . Exponential technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, chatbots or 3D printing years ago They were not mature. But now they will help improve the productivity of companies, “he confirms.


1. People and machines in tune. Techedge is committed to a people-centered approach as the main axis of all projects. By uniting people, exponential technologies and Techedge’s own methodology, inspired by Design Thinking and supported by agile methodologies, companies can achieve the optimization of their business processes, increasing efficiency and allowing digital transformation.

2.Improvements of the supply chain. Another fundamental area for Techedge is the supply chain, which has the function of feeding the production process. In the era of the business ecosystem, companies are no longer autonomous entities. They should be seen as part of larger networks made up of vendors, consultants, employees, customers, and governments. The interaction of all these agents is what will make you react and recover from the crisis.

3.Smart Manufacturing. The ability of some companies to reorient their production and give way to the “smart factory”, capable of responding to the urgent needs of the market, has led plants and production lines to operate in conditions never before experienced: drastic changes on demand, less presence of operators or improved security policies, … These are just some of the elements that lead to a different way of supervising and managing production activities, now also possible remotely.

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