Jean Hale Net Worth: How Much Did She Actually Make in 2021?

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Jean Hale was an American actor, best known for his appearances in the films “Taggart”, “The Oscar”, and “In Like Flint”. Jean died of natural causes on August 3, 2021, in Santa Monica, California. Jean Hale’s value at the time of his death was estimated at $ 1 million.

Full Name Jean Hale
Birth Date December 27, 1938
Birth Place Salt Lake City, Utah, U. S.
Profession Actress
Husband Dabney Coleman
Net Worth $1 million
Died August 3, 2021

Early life

Jean Hale was born on December 27th, 1938 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. She was raised by her parents, Stanton G and Doris Hale. Hale did not have enough information about his previous life. However, we learned that he had been raised a Mormon. Through his studies, he joined Skidmore College where he studied drama.

Jean Hale Net Worth & Career

Jean began her acting career by appearing in the 1963 horror film “Violent Midnight” in which she played the role of Carol Bishop. That same year, she made her debut on a small screen by appearing on CBS ‘TV sitcom “My Favorite Martian”. She has portrayed the character of Jenine Carter in the series.

In 1964, she appeared in a western film titled “Taggart”, in which she portrayed Miriam Stark. The film helped her to gain immediate recognition in the entertainment industry. Then in 1965, he was cast as Sgt. Madge Collins in a film titled “McHale’s Navy Jones the Air Force”. That same year, he appeared in two episodes in the CBS legal drama series “Perry Mason”.

Jean continued her acting career and appeared as Cheryl Barker in the drama film “The Oscar”. A year later in 1967, she showed an amazing performance as Lisa in the film “In Like Flint”. He is highly commended for his excellent performance in film. Hale appeared in another 1967 film called “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre”, in which he played the role of Myrtle.

Hale took a long break after appearing in “The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre”. He returned to the front of the TV screen nearly twenty years later in 1987, where he played Muffy’s role in a TV film titled “Pals”. Then, three years later, in 1990, she appeared as Melanie Crandall in the TV drama “Thanksgiving Day”. Hale was last seen on a TV screen in 1991 when he appeared in the TV film “Lies Before Kisses”.

Jean Hale Personal Life

Jean Hale was married to American actress Dabney Coleman. He tied the knot on the couch and we parted ways with Dabney in 1961. Together, they had three children named Quincy, Randy, and Kelly Johns. Their eldest daughter, Quincy, is a singer and songwriter, who has released albums such as “I’m Crying”, and “Shades of Gray”. Jean ended her relationship with her husband, Dabney, in divorce in 1984.

Jean Hale Net Worth

Jean Hale had earned an estimated $ 1 million before his death on August 3, 2021. He probably had to raise a lot of money in his acting career.