Intel announces its new generation of notebook processors

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intel ensures that its 11th generation of processors is the most powerful and at the same time the most efficient of all processors on the market

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Intel today announced its next generation of Intel Core processors. It is the 11th generation of CPU, nicknamed Tiger Lake, and according to the company it is 2.7 times faster and offers improvements in productivity in the office, as in video games and video streaming.

Tiger Lake processors have a new type of integrated graphics card, called Iris Xe; as well as support for the new standard for transferring files, images and sound Thunderbolt 4 and for Internet connectivity, Wi-Fi 6.

If the figures shared by Intel are correct, this new generation of chips should be a huge leap in performance and battery consumption savings compared to the previous one.

Intel has launched nine processors of this new generation, both in category U, now called UP3 and designed for more competent teams; as in category Y, now nicknamed UP4, but which is still more intended for light and less powerful equipment.

The most outstanding processor of the set would be the Core i7-1185G7, with a basic speed of 3.0GHz and capable of reaching 4.3GHz in all its processing cores when the situation requires it. It also has the integrated Iris Xe graphics card, which would not be found in the models of the UP4 category; capable of reaching 1.35GHz. of performance and with 96 CUs of power.

Among the first companies to equip the new processors are Samsung, Acer and Asus, which have already announced laptops that integrate these new technologies.

Along with the new generation of processors, Intel has announced a new version of its ‘Project Athena’ quality certification called ‘Intel Evo’. Computers under this new standard must guarantee 9 hours of battery life with realistic use, be able to charge their battery quickly, have Wi-Fi 6, Thungerbolt 4 and a system to start in less than a second.

The idea behind this certification is that a user can take for granted that a computer under the ‘Intel Evo’ logo is a very competent team regardless of the brand that sells it.

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