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Bangkok police launched an operation on Monday to detain Pokemon GO players for dangerous behavior on ten of the city’s busiest central streets.
BANGKOK, 22 Aug – RIA Novosti. Bangkok police have started to detain Pokemon GO players for dangerous behavior on ten of the city’s most heavily trafficked central streets, according to Thailand’s Third National TV Channel.

Police with pokemon. Archive photo
Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism calls for help from Pokémon after terrorist attacks
Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism plans to use the Pokemon GO game to promote tourism and “boost tourist sentiment” due to declining industry activity following a series of bombings and arson attacks in tourist areas in the south of the country, the Bangkok Post reported.
The operation is carried out as a preventive measure after a number of road accidents and other accidents on the roads that occurred due to the negligence of fans of the game, the report said.

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The city authorities have extended an administrative fine to Pokémon catchers for creating dangerous situations that can lead to an accident. The fine is THB 1,000 (approximately RUB 1,800) and will be charged to persons playing Pokemon GO while driving. Also, the punishment threatens pedestrians who exhibit “dangerous behavior” – they run along the roadway, cross the streets in the wrong places or at a red traffic light, interfere with traffic, the police said.

Specialists of the city police are working on the selection of special statistics of accidents related to hunting Pokémon from the total number of road accidents, according to the TV channel.

Pokemon Go game application from Nintendo
Pokemon Go game application from Nintendo & ndash; in the photo feed RIA Novosti
Young people play Pokemon Go from Nintendo on a mobile phone screen near Kitay Gorod metro station in Moscow
The hunt for the intruder: the traffic police prepares a response to Pokemon Go.

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The RF Ministry of Internal Affairs proposes to amend the Code of Administrative Violations. The changes will allow “hunt” for traffic offenders using mobile applications and transfer photos and videos to the portal of public services.
Pokemon GO is a free application based on “augmented reality” technology: digital and real worlds are connected, as the picture displayed on the smartphone screen is projected onto the location of the real world. One of the main goals of the game – to catch a Pokemon (Pocket Monster – “pocket monster”) – forced many people to take to the streets, completely absorbed in this process.
Experts have warned that the game can lead to injury or robbery in the real world. Russian banks even offered fans of the app to insure themselves against injuries.

In addition, one of the veterans of the Russian special services did not rule out that the application could be used for espionage. Aide to the Prime Minister Gennady Onishchenko expressed concern that the game could seriously affect the psyche.

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