If You Want to Be a ‘Sugar Daddy’ or Need One, Now You Have a Perfect Way


In recent years, the term “Sugar Daddy” has become popular through social networks such as TikTok or Instagram.

It has become very common to hear some young women say “I want a Sugar Daddy” or, when seeing a woman who out of nowhere started to travel, to have new clothes, or the most modern cell phone, there is always someone that says “I’m sure he got a Sugar.”

But… what really is a Sugar Daddy? , Is he a boyfriend, a lover, a hobby? Here, we are going to solve those doubts.

A Sugar Daddy by popular definition is a man with high financial solvency and success who is generally over 40 years old. He showers attention and gifts on a younger woman in a mutually beneficial arrangement, in exchange for companionship or intimacy. But be careful, everyone reaches an agreement before establishing the relationship, an agreement that benefits both parties.

For the specialized sugar daddy websites focused on  Luxury Lifestyle , SugarDaddySeek, the definition of a sugar daddy is a successful and experienced man of any age. His goal is to be the gentleman a lady needs. Like a gentleman, the Sugar Daddy does everything for his lady (Sugar Baby) and does everything to make her stand out. They are boyfriends with a schedule and can only see each other when they agree. But they bring excitement and experience to every interaction, whether it’s a fancy dinner or an exclusive event. 

Surely with these definitions, you thought of a celebrity who has or can complete the Sugar Daddy profile. Perhaps you imagined Gialuca Vacci, the 54-year-old Italian businessman and tycoon who went viral on social networks by showing his life full of luxury, and who also has a partner much younger than him.

According to the aforementioned platform, of the active users they have in Latin America, only 25% are Sugar Daddies, with the main characteristics being men aged 44 and over, with a business profile (business owners or executives). The main countries with the largest number of Sugar Daddies in Latam are Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Chile.

What is a Sugar Daddy Looking For?

Being businessmen, successful and probably with a busy schedule, it could be said that a Sugar Daddy seeks to maintain balance in all areas of his life. These activities include your family, work and your Sugar Baby.

In exchange for this balance, Sugar Daddy will give his Baby access to a life of luxury, from designer clothes to trips to dream locations. A Sugar Daddy normally looks for a young woman, who is independent, who knows what she is looking for and above all who is also willing to respect the agreements they reach as a “couple”. 

Although there is a debate about whether this new type of “dating” is right or wrong, the truth is that today people can connect through different applications and in different ways. Just as there are people who are looking to find the love of their life through a mobile application, there are other people who are looking for another type of connection that is not merely loving.

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