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Indian brand Triton-EV recently presented a hybrid heavyweight. This operates using an electric motor and a hydrogen tank. Little known in Europe, this brand offers a solution with capacities similar to diesel hybrid trucks.

A unique hybrid truck

In terms of electric heavy goods vehicles, some brands have already positioned themselves in recent years. Let us quote Tesla with its Semi or Einride and its T-Pod. In July 2020, we also talked about Volta Trucks and its Volta Zero, the first electric truck partly made of natural materials. As explained in a press release dated October 26, 2020, the Indian company Triton-EV presented a truck with electric-hydrogen hybridization. In the video visible at the end of the article, Triton-EV describes its model called Semi Truck. It is an 18-wheeled truck taking over the operation of the brand’s Model H electric SUV, presented earlier in the year. Thus, this heavyweight carries a small hydrogen tank. It was for Triton-EV to add main electric propulsion for better capacities.

The Semi Truck has a range of 480 km and a towing capacity of up to 100 tonnes. This capacity is similar to current heavy trucks running on diesel. Triton-EV says it took the comments into account based on the hybrid market. Usually, vehicles rely on hydrogen and supplement it with an electric motor. However, Triton-EV considered that the torque deployed by this means was not sufficient, and preferred to base its prototype on a low production of hydrogen in order to supply the batteries.

A prototype in just 35 days

It should be noted that designing electric vehicles of this size is no easy task. Many manufacturers have not yet found the solution, contributing to a certain pessimism in the sector. Nonetheless, Triton-EV said it managed to design an electric-hydrogen hybrid vehicle in just 35 days. In addition, the brand indicates having used a rather limited investment, which appears to be a second victory. Price question, nothing seems defined yet. However, Triton-EV wants to position itself within the existing industry price range, which is between $ 150,000 and $ 250,000.

Little known in Europe, Triton-EV is a new subsidiary of the Indian firm Triton Solar, whose goal is to make energy storage more reliable and affordable. This firm wants to set up a revolutionary new global energy structure and wants to work with many countries to achieve it.

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