Huawei overtakes Samsung for the first time and becomes the world’s largest mobile phone seller

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20BITS MARTA GASCÓN07.31.2020 – 13: 19H
The fall of Samsung, so far at number 1, gives the place to Huawei for the first time.
The war between the US and Huawei: consequences of restrictions on Chinese technology .
on the left the P30 Pro, with the ‘notch’ on the screen, and on the right the P40 Pro.20BITS
For the first time, Huawei has managed to surpass Samsung in sales of smartphones , thus becoming the number one seller in the world of these devices last quarter .

According to a Canalys market research report collected by some international media, the Chinese technology company sold 55.8 million phones between April and June, thus surpassing, although narrowly, its rival Samsung, which sold 53.7 millions.Huawei demonstrates its strength as a brand with these data , something that comes in handy given the latest events that have been affecting it, including the UK’s decision to eliminate all of the firm’s 5G networks . A movement encouraged by the war that Trump has against the company and, in general, against China.

Despite positioning itself as the first, according to the study Huawei has seen its phone sales decrease with respect to the previous year by 5% . However, Samsung’s hit has been much bigger, with a drop of 30%, according to Canalys. These figures respond to the effects of the health and isolation crisis that has been and is being experienced throughout the planet.

However, the report points out that Huawei’s victory over Samsung would not have happened without such a crisis: the company was able to take advantage of the economic recovery in China , where it sells more than 70% of its smartphones, while Samsung has a very small presence in the Asian country .We will have to wait to see the results of the coming months, since as Canalys indicates now that Huawei does not have access to popular Google applications such as YouTube , Maps or Gmail , its latest smartphones are much less attractive to international buyers, which it could make it very difficult for you to stay in the number one global position.

Despite the double-digit decline in mobile sales during the quarter noted by Canalys’ report, Samsung reported that the unit remained profitable thanks to savings in marketing costs .

Globally, smartphone sales around the world are estimated to have fallen by approximately 18% in the first half of 2020 due to the health crisis. Canalys notes that global smartphone sales are not expected to grow again until the first quarter of 2021.

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