Huawei leads the global telecommunications equipment market

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Huawei ranks as the leading company in the telecommunications equipment market globally according to the latest analysis published by Dell’Oro Group . According to the results corresponding to the first half of 2020, Huawei accounts for 31% of revenues (compared to 28% in the previous period).

The results also indicate that the market for telecommunications equipment – broadband access, optical and microwave transport, radio access network and core mobile network, Service Provider Router (SPR) and switches for Carrier Ethernet (CE) -, grew 4% year-on-year during the first half of 2020 .

After a 4% year-on-year decline in the first quarter of 2020 , the telecommunications equipment market grew again in the second quarter, with a particularly strong rise in mobile infrastructure and somewhat slower, but also positive, for optical transport and SPRs and Carrier Ethernet switches .

In the first half of 2020, double-digit growth in mobile infrastructure offset declining investments in broadband access, optical and microwave transport, as well as routers and switches .

Results for the quarter were stronger than expected, driven by a strong rally in various technologies in China , such as 5G RAN, 5G Core, GPON, SPR & CE switches, and optical transport networks.

The stabilization of various supply chain disruptions that affected results for some of the technologies during the first quarter also helps explain the acceleration in production in the quarter.

The change in usage patterns, both in terms of location and time, and the increase in internet traffic due to the health crisis has led to an increase in infrastructure capacity , although it is still not proportional to that of traffic, which It reflects the ability of operators to address traffic increases and size the network in situations of extraordinary peaks, such as those experienced in recent months.

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