How to watch series and movies for free on Netflix without registering

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Netflix has opened part of its catalog for free without the need to register or have a subscription. Users who do not have an account on the platform will be able to watch the first episode of some of the most popular series on the platform, as well as some films and documentaries.

In the list, Netflix has also included complete films such as ‘Criminals at sea’ or ‘Blind’, among others

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Among other things, users can watch the first episode of series such as Stranger things , Elite , Our planet , This is how they see us , Baby Boss, back to work , Grace and Frankie or Love is blind . In the list of free content, Netflix has also included complete films such as Criminals at Sea , Blind or The Two Popes .

To be able to watch one of these episodes or movies, users will only have to access the link enabled on the Netflix website
, choose the content and click on Watch now . According to the platform, the free selection “keeps changing”, so it is possible that over time the titles will no longer be available and new ones will appear, although for the moment it has not given more information about this rotation.

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