How to transfer your photos from Facebook to Dropbox or Google Photos

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Facebook accounts accumulate photos and memories of their users, often for years, and it is common for people to want to download these photos to access them offline or save them in other ways or in other services. Since the beginning of this year, Facebook has allowed users of its accounts, as part of its Data Transfer Project initiative, to transfer all their images through the Google Photos service , and from now on it is also possible to carry out this task in the service of Dropbox cloud storage . To carry out this transfer of photos and videos, it is necessary to register in the Facebook account and access the data portability page of the social network .

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On the data portability page, Facebook shows a Choose destination section , in which there is a drop-down menu that allows you to choose the Google Photos service. When choosing Google Photos, a new drop-down appears below in which the user can choose if what they want to transfer are their photos or videos. Then you have to click Next to continue. To carry out this transfer, Google requires the user to give their consent for Facebook to access and synchronize their data with Google Photos. To do this, you must also be registered with a Google account or choose one of several synchronized on the device.After choosing Allow in this consent phase, Facebook returns to the original screen and allows you to click Confirm Transfer. You can do this process twice to save both photos and videos.

If the user prefers to transfer the images from their Facebook account to Dropbox, it is possible to do so from the same data portability page, choosing the option for this service from the drop-down. By clicking Next , the user is taken through the browser to the Dropbox login page, where they can enter their username and password. A personal Dropbox account is required for this feature, but can be created for free. Those who already have a Dropbox account will have to give their consent for Facebook Data Transfer Project to edit and view their account information, and then it will be possible to choose Confirm transfer to save all the data.

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