How to prevent WhatsApp photos and videos from filling up your mobile memory

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Let’s do the test: get into WhatsApp and review three conversations. Most likely, in each one of them, you have not only received text messages, but also some gif , a couple of photos or even a video. All this, even if it seems like not, is filling the memory of your mobile without you noticing. Sure, you want to save some and keep them with you as long as possible, but most of them don’t. In that case, you will need to delete them and take the next action . Otherwise, the volume will grow larger, which could generate a significant storage problem on your terminal.

Your device saves all these files (occupying, therefore, your memory) because it has the automatic downloads option activated

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Your device saves all these files (occupying, therefore, your memory) because it has the automatic downloads option activated. What does this mean? Well what,every time you receive a photo or video, your mobile will immediately store it in its memory. Hence, the best way to control your space is by deactivating this button.

In the case that your mobile is Android , you just have to open WhatsApp and click on the three points that appear located in the upper right area of ​​the screen. Next, enter Settings and Data and storage, and then click on Download with mobile data . Once here, just uncheck all the options and repeat the process in the Download with Wi-Fi tab . Ready.

If, on the contrary, your phone is iPhone , the process is very similar: in the lower right part of WhatsApp, the Settings option appears . Inside, select Data and storage and then Automatic file download. Then, you just have to check the option Never in the Photos and Videos tabs . Ready.

In this way, from now on, none of the content received through WhatsApp will be downloaded automatically to your terminal, but you will have to do it manually, controlling what you save and what you don’t.

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