How to make a call with a hidden number from your mobile

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Simply the fact of raising it, it already seems that it hides something cloudy. Calling with a hidden number is, every time, a more common practice than you think . Especially, when you want to perform a series of actions in which we do not want our personal number to appear.

This is the case, for example, when we go to talk to customer services that we think they can save our phone for the future

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This is the case, for example, when we are going to talk to the customer service of a company that we think can save our phone for the future or when talking to strangers that we do not want to be able to contact us again.

To carry it out, just know a couple of tricks .

Call with hidden number from Android
Keep in mind that most Android terminals have their own option to activate the hidden call. We just have to go to Preferences and activate it. As simple as that. But there is another more traditional method for those who do not want to fiddle with the phone:You just have to put # 31 # right in front of the number we are going to call if we do it from a mobileor a 067 if we do it from a landline.

In any case, remember that if you opt for the second option, only the number will be hidden in the call you make at that time.

Call with hidden number from iOS
In the case that you use iPhone, the procedure is very similar. In addition to the option to dial # 31 #, you can also do it from the phone options. For it,Enter Settings and click on Show caller ID .In such a way that, if we deactivate it, no one who receives our calls will be able to see our number. With this change, you will be affecting all calls, while with the code only the one you make at that moment.

In the event that the Show caller ID option appears blocked, there may be several assumptions: that your terminal does not allow it or that you still have to activate them through customer service.

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