How to hide notifications, photos and apps from your mobile so that no one sees them

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If you are one of those who lend your mobile phone or tend to show many of the stored things to people, it is quite likely that you live in fear of an inappropriate notification at the most inopportune moment. Notifications and apps are a double-edged sword that, depending on how you use your smartphone , can give you more than one headache. Well then, don’t worry, there is a way to hide your trail: PrivateMe. An app to hide apps? So is.This app allows you to create a safe space inside the terminal, which no one can enter

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Among its multiple functions, precisely that stands out, what allows you to create a safe space inside the terminal.Or what is the same, a place where all the applications that are hidden are found so that only you know how to access them. Just by clicking on the Management tab, you can select which ones you want to hide by clicking on the corresponding button.

Notifications are also very easy to disguise . First of all, you can choose that the notifications that correspond to those hidden apps are not displayed in the notification bar. Second, notifications can be transformed into others; that is, that a notification from Tinder arrives as if it were an email from Gmail. You just have to choose the most appropriate option: allow, block or camouflage.

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If you are concerned that someone may know that you use this app to manage your privacy, the application itself acquires the interface of a calculator when it is in the menu. To access it, you have to correctly enter a combination of numbers and, in the meantime, it will work like a normal calculator so as not to raise suspicions. In addition, it also has other quite interesting options. On the one hand, it gives you the possibility of cloning applications so that you can, for example, have several accounts of a social network open at the same time; on the other, with it you can hide photos from your gallery (or create a hidden album) to save yourself embarrassing moments or possible oversights.

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