How to create an avatar on Facebook: So you can design emojis with your face

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The latest update of the Facebook application for Android has incorporated an interesting novelty: Facebook Avatar , the possibility of creating a personalized avatar with our face to use on the social network and in its messaging app, Messenger. We explain how to make custom emojis on Facebook with this new tool.

To create a Facebook Avatar, the first thing to do is check that the application is up to date. To do this, you have to go to Google Play and search the store for the app itself. When it appears it will offer the option to open it (in that case it is up to date) or to install the latest version. Once this is done we can start.

While the creation process is straightforward, finding the option isn’t that easy. Thus, it will be necessary to go to any state (it can be ours) and press ‘Comment’ – it will not be necessary to leave messages. When you do, the option to enter a gif will appear on the keyboard and, next to it, a face, which activates the emojis: you have to select it.

The next step – possibly the least intuitive – is to go to an icon between purple and pink, with a mouth (no eyes) and a certain form of comic book speech bubble. It is located on the left, next to an icon with four circles placed in a square and it is the one that hides the option to create a Facebook avatar.

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