How to avoid a poster of consulting firms in software development?

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The investigation of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) has jumped to bring us an issue that can affect our companies dramatically, due to an alleged cartel of consulting firms that helped each other obtain public contracts , but let’s go by parts.

The poster
The alleged cartel enriched itself by setting prices above the market in the offers it presented in public tenders. How did it get them accepted? Because they formed a poster. One of the companies assembled the offer that actually met the results of the contest and two others presented offers clearly behind the first. The same company that would be the winner supplied the phantom offers to the other two. Everything perfect, distribution of territories and all were enriched at the expense of the public purse .

We couldn’t help it … or could we?
By knowing the details, we have lacked time for outrage, to launch accusations and to show the lack of morality of those involved, but … has anyone done something about it?

I repeat more clearly the question Has anyone tried to establish a method, a way to avoid these situations before they happened? Has anyone really tried?

The truth is that it is not very credible that nobody suspected anything and that nobody did anything about it. Some voices would say that they could not do anything, that they, “what did they know”, but the truth is that they could do it. Because they could suspect that there was a “locked cat” .

The age of the software product
The solution comes from the hand of digital transformation, from the product revolution that we witness in our day to day. In that appearance of applications that we use for everything, without worrying, we simply seek that they fulfill the functionality we need, we download it and that’s it.

This age of the product allows us to size it in a standard and transparent way through the size of the software product , the functionality it offers and through the cost of its development in the market.

In the software size we have the wide and clear step that the European Parliament has started recommending in its projects the use of the de facto industry standard, the Function Points method promoted by IFPUG .

This recommendation occurs at a time when the European Commission seeks to rationalize spending and the government through a de facto standard of what a project should report in the market.

On the other hand, the use of a market database allows us to know how much it will cost to develop that size of software product in the market following the technology we want.

The solution
The solution then is clear. Count the amount of product with a standard method widely used in the industry and, once the product we need has been calculated with that method, we calculate its market value.

If someone exceeds that value by much we should be suspicious of him. If, on the other hand, it is far below we should also be suspicious. Market value should be our guide, our light that illuminates a path full of smoke sellers trying to take advantage of us.

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