how does akinator work

How does Akinator work?

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How does Akinator work? We will let you know the whole procedure. Akinator, a mobile app and online computer game was initially released in 2007, whilst it was designed by, an IT engineering company of France.

How does Akinator work in 2021?

Before stepping into Akinator’s world of fantasy, you have to choose yourself a nickname, enter your gender and age, whilst thinking of a prominent character. 

This character can be fictional, like Cinderella or a celebrity in real life, as an actor or singer. Then Akinator will ask you some questions, up till 20 or sometimes, less. So, you will learn exactly how does Akinator work in 2021?

After answering these questions, he will almost every time guess the character, you had in mind, correctly!

It’s a rather exciting way to pass the time. However, people who encounter Akinator the first time’s question is how does the akinator app work? How can the program possibly guess any character or person correctly by just asking the 20 basic questions? 

It has a success rate of 97%! Although it may seem like magic, we can assure you that its not. However, Akinator, the genie is following an enormous algorithm to determine the accurate answer.

Akinator: The Online Mind Reading Genie

At first, it will ask you certain broader questions, then regressing to another question in order to downsize the results to enable it to tell you the photo & name of the celebrity or person you were thinking of.

The app’s accuracy will amaze you! It is an addictive game and people love it. You can try to trick the genie by giving him tasks that are more challenging to guess.

For fun read Akinator’s story on its website. However, go to Play Store and download Akinator onto your smartphone. Otherwise, visit the Akinator website and just play it on the browser of your PC.

To enhance the game Akinator will give you some points for correct answers. It will give you more points when you were thinking of a character which is tough to guess. Further about how does Akinator work in 2021 is given here.

You can get 6 types of points: black, viz., platinum, silver, standard, gold & daily challenge. You will receive more points when you are challenging the Akinator in guessing a character that was not used by somebody for quite some time.

Another great feature of Akinator is its child protection. To block any adult questions or images in this game, you can use its child protection mode when your children play the game.

How does Akinator Genie work?

Firstly you have to go to the official website of Akinator or otherwise, you can download Akinator’s application onto your smartphone. You don’t need to either sign up or do something such as registration. After clicking the play button, you have to enter your age after which the game will begin. Firstly, you will have to imagine the name of a celebrity or character in your mind. Now you will have to begin to answer the question which it will ask you.

How does the Akinator app work?

About the question, the Akinator app how does it work, we guess that’s the million-dollar question, everyone is asking. Well, what we can tell you, which comes from the website’s FAQ -section, is that the Limule program is used by Akinator whilst it was published by

It was stated that the program uses an originally created algorithm and added that it is their little secret!

Well, this goes for everybody who wants to know the answer to the question, Akinator how does it work!

Everything You Need To  Know how does Akinator work?

By playing games, you can do away with boredom! Want something intriguing to do during your spare time? Well, if you answer affirmatively, your timing is just perfect!

During the technological era games became a favorite hobby used by a lot of people to enjoy their spare time to the greatest extent.

However, during previous times both indoor and outdoor games were played. However, these games were replaced by online & offline PC and mobile games.

Now there are millions of games available on the web which can be downloaded for free! Games can now be downloaded from App Store & Play Store as well as from the Internet.

Furthermore, you will be able to download offline games, whilst you can also play games online, even without downloading it to your device!

Recently a game called Akinator is trending on social media. You should take note that Akinator is a captivating mind-reading game and a fascinating game to play when you are bored. The interesting fact about how does Akinator work in 2021?

What Is Akinator?

Before knowing about how does Akinator work in 2021 you should know what is Akinator? In this game a genie called Akinator, guesses which fictional character, actor, singer, etc. you are imagining inside your mind. However, it will ask you approximately 20 questions after which it will provide you with the results! It guesses and discovers who you are actually thinking of and 97% of the times you will be given the correct answer!

Certainly, this seems magical, however, it’s not! In fact, Akinator comprised of an enormous algorithm and by following it, it discovers the right answer.

Initially, it will ask you certain broader questions, after which it proceeds to another question, narrowing down the results, to enable it to provide you with the photo & name of the imaginative character in your mind!

The app is awe-inspiring accurate! We tried guessing certain celebrities, which include singers & actors. However, each time it mind-blowingly gave the right answer.

It can be a very addictive game which you will enjoy playing, to try to trick the genie, whilst providing him with even more difficult guessing tasks!

In case it failed to provide you with the right answer, you can just go on with the game, whilst answering some more questions until Akinator gives you the right name. 

It’s amazing to think that Akinator has the ability to guess even the name of a YouTuber you are thinking of!

For fun visit Akinator’s website and read the story! The good news for smartphone owners is that its available for your device. From Play Store, Akinator is downloadable on your mobile, whilst you can visit Akinator’s website to be able to play it on the browser of your PC.

An aspect that makes the Akinator game even more interesting that it provides you with points for the right answers. You will receive more points when you are imagining a difficult character to guess.

Six types of points are available: black, viz., silver, gold, platinum, daily challenge & standard.  You will even receive more points when you are challenging Akinator to guess some character, which was not played by anyone for a long period.

Another great feature of the Akinator game is child protection. If you want to block adult images or even questions to appear, you have the option to apply the child-protection mode.

How to play the Akinator game?

Initially, you must go to Akinator’s official website. However, you can also opt to download Akinator’s app on your smartphone.

No signup or registration is needed. However, before you start playing, imagine a real or fictional character inside your mind. Now you click on “play characters” on the menu. 

Take into account that the intense passion of Akinator is to attempt to guess the characters via asking some questions.

Now, Akinator will continue to ask you some questions, which you in turn should answer as truthful as you can. After answering these questions, the genie will give you the result of what you were imagining!

Five answers will be provided to you, to choose from. In case you know the answer, reply by selecting the yes button. In case you don’t know, click the no button.

In case you are unsure of the answer you can opt for the probably & probably no choice, which is available too.

It will ask you broader questions at first, after which it will narrow it down for its search results. 

For example, it will ask whether it is a real or fictional character, married or unmarried, male or female and whether it uses a firearm, etc. after which it, in 97% of cases, guessed the character correctly. 

What’s The Secret of Akinator?

The Limule program, with as its publisher, is used by Akinator. The enormous algorithm used by them was originally created. However, the company won’t share its secret!

How to Upload a Photo in Akinator?

When a game is finished, when the genie has guessed your imaginative character, you may suggest or add a photo for the character.

However, the user undertakes not to upload images of which they are unsure whether it may be used without limitations.

  1. Adding an Image

In case the character which you had imagined, doesn’t have an image, and you prefer to add a photo, then you must tap on “send a picture”, after which you follow the instructions.

  1. Suggesting an Image

When your imaginative character already has a photo, but you prefer to submit a new one, then you must tap on “suggest a picture” after which you follow the instructions.

  1. In Both Instances
  • You must state that you have both read & accepted its Terms of Service; and that by uploading this image, you state your right of publishing it.
  • This new image can only be seen after it was both accepted & validated by the moderator.

How to Add a Character in Akinator game?

Only public figures can be added as characters to the Akinator database. Users are requested not to add characters or people who are not categorized as public figures.

This particularly refers to people personally known to them, even if they have such people’s permission.

  1. Modification

When the game is finished, after Akinator has guessed your imaginative character, you may modify the character’s name.

You must tap on “suggest a new name”. After this you will be requested to enter this new name, together with a short description of just one or two words, to prevent that the character can not be mistaken with some other one which has a similar name.

You may add an optional comment, explaining why you prefer to modify the character’s name.

After the moderator’s acceptance and validation of your suggestion, it will be implemented.

  1. When Akinator Failed to Guess your Imaginative Character

After finishing the game, when Akinator was unable to guess your imaginative character, this character can be added to Akinator’s database.

Should Akinator discovers likenesses to some other characters within his database, you will receive a listing of characters.

  • When your imaginative character just appears once within this list, you must select it.
  • In the case where your imaginative character appears within the list numerous times, then you must tap on “my character appears several times” after which you opt for all the occurrences of your character within this list.
  • When your imaginative character is not displayed in this list, then tap on “my character is not in the list” after which you enter its name as well as a very short summary.
  • In case Akinator is unable to discover any resemblance to another character within his database, you have will have the ability to add your imaginative character; entering its name together with a very short summary.
  • In all scenarios, your added information will be instantly implemented. However, the moderator might delete it afterward.

How to be able to Add a Question in Akinator?

When the game is finished, after Akinator has guessed your imaginative character, you will be able to add any question by tapping on “add a question”.  Now you must enter one or more keyword(s) arising from the question.

When Akinator discovers resemblances to existing questions within its database, you will receive a listing of questions.

  • When your question is displayed in this list, you have to choose it after which you must add information to it.
  • When your question is not displayed in this list, then tap on “click here” after which you add the question together with information.
  • When Akinator doesn’t discover any likeness to an existing question within its database, you will have the ability to add the question together with more information.
  • Only after the acceptance and validation of the moderator, suggested questions, will be implemented.


Akinator Download For IOS

Akinator Download For Android

Summary about How does Akinator work?

We found Akinator a captivating game, which can become rather addictive. Initially, it is great fun challenging the Akinator. 

However, when playing it continuously, it may become boring, whilst it’s good fun for starters. We advise you to play the Akinator and then feel free to share your opinion and experience with us. Hope now you have known each step involved in how does Akinator work with given examples.

Akinator Faqs

Many people thinks Akinator cheat but the reality is Akinator is using a special algorithm and asks questions to figure out character that you think in mind.
We can beat akinator several times and it is not much difficult. Only choose a Truly hidden character from unknown book or aged video gaming. Even though, several things I figured will be imprecise, he still managed to get, on the other hand once 50+ questions. It is also humorous to make him speculate himself.
Make an effort to stump the astonishing Akinator, who is able to imagine any kind of identity you're considering. Akinator is actual SORCERY. It's going to scare you. Amazed to play akinator now!
Akinator started like a 2006 game known as Devinettor compiled by Arnaud Megret. Arnaud relabeled Devinettor to Akinator as well as created the French organization SARL to house Limule. Akinator is still spreading love among game lovers.
Akinator is a game that is available on desktop version and app for the last 13 years.


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  1. After reading this article of Akinator usabge method, i am enjoying this game , thanks for such an informative article

  2. In the end, Akinator cannot ultimately “guess” right unless some human [or connected database that the Akinator can look-up from or deduce from] somewhere at some point has input the right answer to begin with. So if there are gaps in in-put, i.e., missing data in the databases upon which Akinator relies, then an Akinator cannot pull out or “guess” the right thing

  3. If you want to find the perfect porn Actor/Actress, just answer akinator based on your preferences (ex: dark skin, huge boobs, blonde, blue eyes, ect), and akinator would bring up the Actor/Actress of your dream!

  4. At the end of a game, when Akinator has guessed the character you were thinking of, you can add or suggest a picture for that character.

    The user agrees not to upload pictures that they are not sure can be used freely and without limitations.

  5. Akinator holds an information base of characters, with each tree of answers prompting specific characters. That is the reason a few answers trigger specific inquiries, It’s additionally why he now and then does dumb stuff like ask somebody’s hair shading multiple times — he just follows the inquiry tree. This is additionally why when you stump him he requests that you enter which character you were considering.

  6. This is an entirely weak method of making him, as he might have possibly been demolished by individuals declining to play the game appropriately. In any case, it appears to have paid off.

  7. Akinator depends on an information base comprised of around 100000 characters with various fields portraying them. This is the underlying arrangement of arrangements that is diminished each time you answer one of the inquiries, until just one remaining parts.

  8. Akinator its a to some degree game that learns each time you play since numerous individuals previously played it there is a major “information base” about things or individuals and in the event that you pick a person or thing that akinator doesn’t realize he add it to the information base

  9. Eventually, Akinator can’t decisively “guess” right except if some human [or associated information base that the Akinator can turn upward from or derive from] some place sooner or later has input the correct response regardless. So if there are holes in-put, i.e., missing information in the information bases whereupon Akinator depends, at that point an Akinator can’t pull out or “guess” the “right answer”.

  10. So even Akinator can’t pull out the correct answer a player is considering except if the player or another player or information base simultaneously supplies any information missing to find to the correct solution.

  11. I didn’t fabricate the Akinator, and I have no clue about whether any of coming up next is valid, yet here’s an unpleasant, significant level blueprint of how I would construct something like the Akinator.

  12. The particular calculation the Akinator uses to settle on inquiries could most likely be one of various things, however regardless the objective is unquestionably to separate the arrangement of potential outcomes as near down the middle as conceivable with each question.

  13. The inquiries that the Akinator pose are put away in an information base, as should be obvious when you click “Add an inquiry” after you finish a game. You can really look through the rundown of the multitude of inquiries the Akinator pose.

  14. In the event that you offer another response all together, first the appropriate response is gone through the Akinator group prior to adding likelihood factors to the appropriate response (which unexpectedly, is normally the factors you gave).

  15. In the event that you have ever known about the Akinator, the game fundamentally attempts to guess what individual you are considering. Inside the game is essentially an AI, experiencing profiles of the individuals that exist on the web, and so on with a calculation of some kind that I don’t know about.

  16. Toward the end, the Akinator guesses what individual you were considering and is typically directly aside from a couple of wrong guesses to a great extent. Thus, my prediction is that the Akinator is likely either 90 to 99 percent certain of their answer.

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