Health registers more than 7,000 new cases of coronavirus, 2,415 in the last day

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It adds 52 deaths to the total balance, which brings the deceased since March to 28,924; 116 of those deaths have taken place in the last weekThe Ministry of Health has registered 7,117 new cases of coronavirus, of which 2,415 have been diagnosed in the last day. The community with the most cases has been Madrid, which has notified 1,926 (768 between yesterday and today). In total, since the start of the pandemic, 412,553 people have been infected, confirmed by tests.

After Madrid, the second community with the most infections has been the Balearic Islands, which has added 909, ten in the last 24 hours; followed by Catalunya, 785 and 153; Castilla y León, 569 and 78 and Andalucía, 526 and 257.

Regarding the deceased, the health authorities have added 52 deaths to the total balance, which brings the deceased since March to 28,924. 116 of those deaths have taken place in the last week.

Hospital admissions continue to rise. In the last seven days, there have been 1,403 distributed throughout Spain. The community with the most cases is Madrid (413), followed by Andalusia (190), the Valencian Community (119), Aragón (103). Those that have reported the least are Ceuta (1), Asturias (2), Melilla (4) and Euskadi (6).

Also, more patients have required treatment in intensive care units. This last week, 87. The income has been distributed by all the communities except Asturias and Euskadi and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla. The regions with the most cases are the Canary Islands (16) and Madrid (13). The rest have had less than ten.

2,000 soldiers at the disposal of the autonomies for tracking
This Tuesday, the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, admitted that the situation in Spain “is not good” and that, therefore, “it must be stopped.” In the press conference after the Council of Ministers, he announced that 2,000 soldiers will be made available to the autonomous communities to carry out tracking tasks . “Communities that do not have enough trackers can count on the help of the Armed Forces,” he assured. Defense has military personnel who have been trained as trackers and who until now worked within the Army.

It has also offered to the communities that demand the activation of the state of alarm – the instrument that allows limiting mobility – in their territories – in part or in all – if the situation makes it necessary and has ensured that it will be the regional presidents who , on this occasion, hold the sole command.

In Castilla y León, its vice president, Francisco Igea, has valued the option of a state of alarm for the Community if necessary . “Now is not the time,” he said at the press conference after the Governing Council.

“If it is essential, we will take the necessary measures. All the measures are planned,” he underlined. At this time, I insist, we have not considered it. It would be necessary to request it from the Council of Ministers, the Government approves it and in this State of Regional Alarm, which would be updated every fourteen days, we understand that the authority would be exercised by us, the Board, by delegation, which can be done. ”

The Madrid Book Fair 2020 is suspended
On the other hand, in Madrid, the Book Fair has definitively suspended its 2020 edition . The appointment was scheduled between October 2 and 18 due to the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic. In July, the commission considered “inescapable to return to normality for the entire industry” and its celebration with “strict” security controls following the protocols established to guarantee the health of assemblers, distributors, exhibitors and visitors.

In addition, in Almería, the University has canceled the face-to-face exams in September due to the “high” incidence of the coronavirus . The institution has detailed that concentrating “a large number of students” is a “risk” to health. They have also taken into account the epidemiological situation of the province, with rates of incidence and contagion of COVID-19 “very high” in August. The tests will have to be carried out, therefore, “in a non-presential way” on the “established dates” and “respecting the evaluation criteria indicated in the teaching agendas”.

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