Google will extend telecommuting until July 2021

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Google workers will telecommute for at least one more year, according to knowledgeable sources told The Wall Street Journal, which estimates that the measure will affect about 200,000 employees of the technology giant, which could pressure other companies in the sector to adopt similar measures. Until now, the company anticipated the return of its employees from January 2021 .

The measure, which could be announced this week, would affect the company’s employees at most of its main offices, including the Mountain View (California) headquarters, as well as other locations in the US, UK, India or Brazil. among other places. Google has partially opened some smaller offices in countries relatively less affected by the pandemic, such as Australia, Greece and Thailand.

The CEO of Alphabet, the parent of Google, Sundar Pichai, would have made the decision personally last week after a discussion with senior executives of the company, according to the sources consulted, adding that the decision has already been notified to a small number of workers at the end of last week.

Last May, the co – founder and CEO of Facebook , Mark Zuckerberg, speculated that within “five to ten years , ” half of the more than 45,000 company employees could telecommute . Likewise, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, announced that the company’s employees will be able to work indefinitely from home and later extended this option to Square employees.

Uncertainty has disrupted the housing market in the San Francisco Bay area and elsewhere, as the prospect of working remotely has prompted many employees currently tied to Silicon Valley to consider moving out of expensive metropolitan areas. where the main employers in the sector are concentrated.

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