Google puts GPS and voice assistant to the new Fitbit watches

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Fitbit’s new smartwatches know where they are. The company, acquired by Google at the end of last year , has integrated GPS into two new models that will be available in mid-September. Both have a very similar design and reminiscent of the Versa 2 that the company has been selling since last year in stores, but there are some surprises inside.

Fitbit Sense is the most advanced model. It is not only focused on monitoring physical activity but also on health in general. It comes packed with sensors. It includes, for example, the ability to perform electrocardiograms (initially limited to the US) or to measure body temperature and breathing rate.

With these data, the watch will not only be able to detect, for example, irregular patterns in the heart rate, as other watches on the market already do, but also the user’s stress level. Like some previous Fitbit models the Sense will also be able to measure the oxygenation level of the blood.

Sense is waterproof and includes the ability to pay using NFC and the Fitbit Pay platform. It will also include support for the digital assistant Google Assistant in addition to Alexa, which until now was used by the company’s devices. With Google’s purchase of Fitbit, this was an expected change. Its price will be 330 euros.

The second model presented is the Versa 3 , which as can be deduced is the direct successor to the current Versa 2. It has fewer sensors than the Sense model (it is not capable of detecting the level of stress or making electrocardiograms, for example) but it also includes GPS and support for Google Assistant. Its price will be 229.95 euros.

Both watches have an autonomy of six days, can display information on the dial continuously and can be used to receive calls if they are paired to a smartphone.

Fitbit has also launched a new activity tracker bracelet, Fitbit Inspire 2 , much more limited in functions but with 10 days of autonomy and capable of measuring heart rate and progress in more than 20 exercises. It will have a price of 100 euros.

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