Google Play Music will stop working permanently in December

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The streaming music service Google Play Music will cease to function permanently in December this year, when Google will replace it with its current music service, YouTube Music , and in October its “app” will be deactivated worldwide and the function of listening to music in «streaming».

Now, Google has announced that the final closure of the platform. Until then, a transition period begins during which users can transfer their data, as the American company explains in a statement.

First of all, in the month of September in New Zealand and Australia and in the month of October in the rest of the world , Google Play Music will no longer allow you to listen to music in “streaming” or use the service application.

Despite not being able to use the application, the service will continue to store user content – such as playlists, uploaded content, purchases and “likes” – until December, to allow for their transfer to YouTube Music .

To facilitate this process, YouTube Music has made a tool available to Google Play Music users to simplify the transfer of their music library between platforms. In December, the service will delete all the contents of the libraries of its users and will stop working

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