Google Maps updates in a big way with more colorful and detailed maps

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In order to leave the competition a little further behind, Google Maps has been updated to show more details on its maps and city plans, more accurately showing green areas, street elevations, and refining some parts that are not they showed all the good they should.

It is certainly a response to the advances that Microsoft and Apple have made in Bing and Apple Maps, respectively, in recent times, which suddenly became more colorful and had some more precise details, although they continue being very far in functionalities.

Just by going to Spain, you can appreciate the change introduced in how the vegetation of our country is displayed, highlighting especially the entire northern part that is covered in green. Also noteworthy, in large cities such as Valencia, Bilbao, Barcelona or Madrid, the streets show their different elevations at points where before it was not appreciated that, for example, there was a tunnel or a bridge.

In other places, like Iceland, the change is even more evident, as you can see in this photo.

It is possible that, when loading Google Maps on your computer or your mobile, you still do not appreciate the new aesthetics of the service, as it is gradually reaching all users. However, the update will reach the 220 countries of the world in which Google operates, which in more absolute terms means that this update will cover more than 100 million square kilometers. Our planet Earth has a total of 510 million.

Google has achieved this improvement in its popular mapping tool by processing with new algorithms that differentiate the coloration in the complete satellite images that it uses to build Google Maps, which according to the company itself, traces 98% of the planet’s geography with total precision. .

In this way, it is possible to distinguish the lushness of one forest from another or to differentiate the built parts from the vegetated parts of a park. This also works in the most arid areas, as now you can see the oases in the middle of the desert.

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