Google Maps now warns which restaurants in your area make home orders

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Given the situation, this update to Google Maps could not come at a better time for those who need to order food at home or cannot go out to do the shopping

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Not being able to leave the house has a great impact on mood, health and, why not say it, on appetites. Making a hamburger at home is not the same as ordering it at your favorite restaurant, which is almost certainly closed.

It is something we have to live with these days, which does not mean that something cannot be done to alleviate the situation of those who, by the nose, need food from outside their homes: sick people who cannot go out, elderly people, etc.

Partly because of them and, yes, partly because of those who continue to order food at home as if the streets were still full of people, Google Maps has introduced a novelty: it now indicates which restaurants in your area carry out home orders, something that so far it was not easy to know for sure.

In the latest update of the app, which is available on both Android phones and iPhones, as well as in the desktop version of the service, new tabs appear to filter searches for home orders or whether the restaurant does take out. The latter is not that useful right now, but the former can be a huge boost.

Google Maps must be one of the least used services at the moment, since it is not necessary to make daily trips or consult public transport routes, so this novelty makes all the sense in the world.

In recent months and years, Maps has been updated to include improvements related to driving, such as warning where there is parking , where there is radars or when an accident has occurred on the road.

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