Goodbye to Toshiba computers

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Once a popular and successful brand, Toshiba exits the PC market after an unfortunate name change and very low sales figures

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The Japanese Toshiba has definitively abandoned its stake in Dynabook, the company born from its personal laptop division, currently owned by Sharp, to which it has transferred the last shares (19.9%) that it still owned.

Toshiba had been in the personal computer business for 35 years, since it became the first Japanese company to market a laptop in 1986.

The technology company announced in 2018 the sale of 80% of its segment of personal computers to the also Japanese Sharp. This business unit adopted its new name, Dynabook, in January 2019, with which it currently operates in Spain and the rest of the world.

Last week, Toshiba formalized the sale of the 19.9% ​​shares it still had in Dynabook, which were transferred to Sharp, which thus becomes the sole shareholder of the computer brand.

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