GMail: the trick to get rid of spam in your email once and for all

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Many people have several email accounts, be it for personal, work or business matters, and in all of them they receive spam messages every day, which makes you waste time deleting them. One solution to prevent users from being registered on different mailing lists is to create a temporary or “disposable” email .

Temporary emails are addresses that are generated without registration or password and have an expiration date, which means that after a certain time, said email will cease to exist. In this sense, users will be able to use these ’emails’ to not receive unwanted emails in their regular account, so they should not provide the ‘disposable email’ address as a communication method.

There are different free services for users to create temporary mail, such as YOPMail, TempMail, 10MinuteMail, MyTrashMail, MailDrop or Mailinator. However, it is also possible to use Gmail as a temporary email service provider.

To create a temporary “email” with the Gmail account, users can disclose their regular account by adding the “+” symbol and then the month, day and year in which we want to stop receiving emails. Accordingly, if the user’s usual email is ‘[email protected]’, they must disclose it in the following way to stop receiving emails on September 5, 2021, for example: ‘[email protected]’ . Once the indicated date passes, the emails sent to that address will stop doing so.

For this email to work, users must follow a series of steps. First they must make a copy of Google Script in their account and within Google Script they must go to line 13 and change the email address that appears to the one they want to create as “disposable”. Finally, the user has to select the menu «Execute», «Execute function» and «Initialize». You will then need to authorize the Google script and your temporary email system will be up and running.

In this way, the script will analyze the Gmail inbox every five minutes and will process the messages according to the expiration date, according to

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