Generation Z, the loneliest during confinement

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The Covid-19 pandemic has been very hard for everyone. However, there is a segment of the population particularly affected: the Z generation . How have young adults experienced confinement and how has social media influenced it?

Confinement, the Internet and loneliness: the shadows of Generation Z
It’s a reality: Generation Z has experienced greater abandonment than other older people. E l 40% of them felt more alone than before the start of the pandemic , while just over a quarter (27%) of baby Bomers said they felt the same way.

This is demonstrated by Kaspersky’s Find your tribe study , which has analyzed the testimony of 10,000 respondents. But, what is the reason for this feeling of sadness and loneliness of the youngest digital users?

In the first place, generation Z (those born between 1994 and 2001) have been very vulnerable to situations such as job loss, inclusion in an ERTE or the suspension of their university classes. It is a key developmental stage in their lives that has been interrupted by the coronavirus outbreak.

In addition, almost half (45%) of Gen Z people , who feel safe using social media or online forums, spend at least five hours a day online . That is, they are very active digital users, which has made them constantly witness images of idyllic lives on social networks .

In other words, their loneliness has been increased not only by the sudden isolation, but also by seeing other users apparently very happy on Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok .

According to the study, other causes of sadness and loneliness have been not being able to go to buy something other than food (23%) and not being able to meet friends in person (19%) . They have also felt lonely because they could not see their family or friends face to face (75%) or enjoy their hobbies or usual sports activities (51%) .

In short, although social networks have been useful as entertainment and escape, and as contact with friends during confinement, they have also fueled the feeling of loneliness. But, looking at it on the bright side, many people have realized that what they truly miss is human contact, seeing their loved ones face to face.

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