Garmin: a large-scale hack renders your smart devices and service useless

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Garmin, the popular smartwatch brand, has suffered an unprecedented cyber attack that has put its devices, its website and its technical service out of service.

This has been confirmed by the company through its Twitter profile where it has reported that its products, services and customer support services are operational.

Faced with these attacks, Garmin’s devices and website have been out of service for a day due to the maintenance work that the company has been forced to carry out after a ransomware attack (a file hijacking) that has affected internal networks.

This interruption affects your website, the synchronization system with Garmin Connect devices and flyGarmin, the navigation system for aviation.

According to the website, ZDNet, the cyber attack targeted the company’s internal network and the company’s production systems. Therefore, the failure in the products that users are experiencing would be due to the maintenance work that the company is carrying out to solve the attack.

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