Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: these are the new Samsung phones

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Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Samsung’s two new high-end phones, are huge in every way: performance, size and, of course, price.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy 20 Ultra
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In the absence of IFA, Samsung has presented its new Galaxy Note, which will go on sale on August 21, at an online event. Like the Galaxy S20 , they jump the decade and arrive in a normal version and with a superhero surname. Thus, Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy 20 Ultra complete the catalog of the Korean company in 2020 in which their between 959 (Note 20 4G) and 1309 euros (20 Ultra, which costs 100 euros more with 512 GB of storage) will be their main – and perhaps only – problem.

Samsung wants the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Note 20 to be supported by three pillars: 5G (in the case of the Ultra it is the only possible configuration), the ecosystem (with a Watch that has followers and some Buds that try to become their answer. to AirPods) and their agreements. In this case, it comes in the form of one that Microsoft has come up with that will allow you to play Xbox Game Pass Ultimate titles in the cloud on the Note. It will be necessary to see if the public of these terminals is interested in this type of entertainment.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is huge . In every sense. In the hand you can see the size, although the almost total absence of frames makes it lighter than expected and avoids the brick feeling. Everything is screen (and what screen).

As always, the 6.9 inches (6.7 in the base model) and its tablet size that has not yet hit the lug are fully exploited with the help of a pen with a latency already approaching that of its graphite namesakes. The function of converting what was written into plain text was able to recognize my handwriting and this is something that sometimes I cannot do.

The design moves away from the trend of gradient colors and opts for a metallic finish with a very subtle, almost matte shine. The mint colors (exclusive to the Note 20) and bronze (only in the Ultra) are accompanied by a much more sober black that, in comparison, is quite boring.

The high end shows them both in the workmanship, the components and the innards . Both models have an Exynos 990 processor; The 256GB of storage (which can go up to 512 on the top one), RAM (8GB on Note 20, up to 12GB on Ultra), and battery (4,300 and 4,500 mAh, respectively) do vary between devices.

For the arrangement of the rear cameras, Samsung has chosen to leave out subtleties and offers a space that seems almost a hymn to brutalism. Instead of doing like the competition (or like themselves in other models) and allowing the king to walk around naked while they wait for nobody to point to their buttocks, they have decreed nudism by law. Yes, we are naked and it is time to assume it.

Thus in a rectangle the size of a Pentagon we find -from top to bottom- an ultra-wide angle (12 megapixels), a main sensor of 108 megapixels and a telephoto lens (12 megapixels) that, in the absence of in-depth tests, should be between the best cameras on the market. Samsung has been doing its homework on components and processing software for a long time and it shows at the time of the exam.

In the video, the curious and rarely useful microphone zoom appears again with an image stabilization that left a good feeling, something important when the 16 centimeters are exceeded (in, yes, a very tight 208 grams).

The dry version of Galaxy Note 20, meanwhile, shares ultra wide angle, but mounts a 12 megapixel main sensor and a 64 tele with 3x hybrid zoom.

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