Five bluetooth headphones for sports

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It turns out that you have returned to playing sports, the only good thing you get from the pandemic. Here we are not going to judge you if you do it because you have gained weight during the confinement, nor because of the old sports clothes you are wearing and of course we are not going to look with a magnifying glass if you go beyond the regulation time or if you do a few kilometers.

The only thing we want is that you do not go with a cable hanging over your face, accumulating sweat and overwhelming you more than the mask already does. The solution: wireless headphones, bluetooth helmets, the kind that are connected to your mobile, that you take with you for a run even if you say you use sports ‘to disconnect’.

Recommending bluetooth headphones, those that connect without cable to the mobile, can be difficult: there are prettier and uglier ones, with a cable around the neck so they don’t fall off or that are as small as a button, from prestigious brands or brands that God does not know, expensive and cheap …

Hence the selection that we propose, with a little of everything and always thinking that you can do sports with them, that is, they can withstand sweat, but better not put them to the test in a pool. And if you think this list is very typical for including Apple AirPods …


Like it or not, they make good products, and their headphones are not that expensive, because there are twice as expensive and they work worse. And if you ask a woman, the same thing also tells you that it is one of the few headphones that fit well to her ears. It is a praise that I have heard a lot among friends and colleagues. Although they are compatible with Android mobiles, these are recommended especially if you have an iPhone, because they have little delay in the sound, calls sound clearer and, in short, they communicate better.


Your alternative on Android would be the Galaxy Buds + from Samsung, beautiful, small, available in various colors and, these do work well with Android, whether it is your Samsung mobile or not. They are the most isolating and sound headphones, but their price is not the most popular.


In the more affordable spectrum, which is not necessarily cheap, are the other three headphones on this list. The OnePlus Wireless Z have a small cable, where the battery goes, which guarantees more hours of use and makes them very comfortable, since the head is like that of a traditional headset. And if you do a sport where you move around a lot, or if headphones in your ear tend to bother you, this might help.


If you drop a lot, the Jabra Elite Active 45e is better, as these fit behind the ears and their grip is much firmer. Their sound is good and their drums are the same, but they cannot be said to be beautiful.

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