Finetwork, new sponsoring partner of the Spanish Soccer Team

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The fiber and mobile telecommunications operator Finetwork has just reached an agreement with the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to become a new Sponsoring Partner of Spain’s national football teams .

This agreement has an extension of 3 years, and includes the sponsorship of the RFEF, the absolute male and female soccer teams, the Spanish under-21 soccer team, as well as the Copa del Rey, Copa de la Reina and Copa de la Reina competitions. Women’s Super Cup. Furthermore, by virtue of this agreement, Finetwork becomes the Official Telecommunications Operator of th

Spanish soccer team .

With this sponsorship, Finetwork consolidates its firm commitment to Spanish sport as a whole, since it joins those already existing as Sponsoring Partner of the Spanish Basketball Federation, as well as personal sponsor of elite athletes: Sandra Sánchez (champion Karate World Cup), Amanda Sampedro (women’s soccer champion), Saúl Craviotto (Olympic champion canoeist) and Maverick Viñales (motorcycle world champion), and in general their commitment to Spanish society through investment in national assets to contribute to the Spanish economy in these delicate moments.

Manuel Hernández (CEO of the company), indicates that “this importat new project to become the Principal Partner of the RFEF only confirms our firm commitment to Spanish sport, where we are already with the FEB and Basketball Teams, and other elite athletes in different disciplines. In the end it is also an exercise of responsibility: we are operating in one of the sectors least affected by the current situation and our capital is 100% Spanish , with which investing in national sport becomes a way of demonstrating our commitment to society, adding so that one of the great patrimonies of all Spaniards continues to give us joys, enthusiasm and values ​​that today, possibly more than ever, we need “.

For Rubén Rivera , (RFEF Marketing Director), “Finetwork is the ideal Sponsor Partner for the RFEF and its National Teams. In addition to having achieved significant success in the world of telecommunications in the last year, with its sponsorships they have demonstrated its commitment to national sport. Turning in this way in the difficult circumstances that we are going through means understanding sport as a vehicle for development and social integration. It is a great day for the Federation because we join our journey with a young, Spanish company. modern and with a great projection. But above all, capable of successfully contributing to the growth of soccer and national sport. We hope to achieve many successes for Spanish football with Finetwork and we appreciate the confidence in this journey that begins today and which, without a doubt, will be fruitful and long-lasting. ”

This new sports sponsorship is part of Finetwork’s strategic commitment to become the alternative within the low-cost segment of telecommunications, by having a very competitive offer of mobile, fiber and convergent rates, the benefits of GigaBank and GigaTranfer in the mobile to accumulate and share data, rates without permanence, the security of the best mobile and fiber network in Spain (Vodafone), the continuous deployment of a network of exclusive stores, and a personalized customer service that makes you the new benchmark operator in the sector.

The company currently has more than 320,000 customers , achieved in just over a year of operation, and has recently achieved a milestone: being the brand that has led the growth of the Spanish mobile lines market in July with 25,000 new mobile customers, which are added to the 10,000 new ones in fiber to achieve a growth of 35,000 customers in a single month.

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