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Fantasy nails

Fantasy Nails
Fantasy Nails

What are fantasy nails?

Fantasy nails are fake gel nails that consist of a transparent shine that looks very smooth, flexible, and durable, and applying it is also very easy. After applying them, they give out a sheer color, a color glass-like effect, and a polished texture.

These fantasy nails do not come off when doing activities and hold onto the nails very tightly. Usually, they do not bend or break easily but if they do, one can easily use sticker adhesive along with the glue to fix them simply.

They can be applied in two ways; by using glue to put them on or using the mega adhesive tabs. Fantasy nails, They can be easily worn for up to a week when applied in both ways.

Steps to putting on fantasy nails:

Step1: Get your nails ready (remove previous nail polish, trim and buff nails)

Step2: Find the size for each finger. Lay the fantasy nails out in finger order

For adhesive tab application:

Step3: Find the corresponding size on the adhesive tape

Step4: Peel of film, align with cuticle, and press firmly

For glue application:

Step3: Apply the glue to the artificial nail and then apply glue to the natural nail

Step4: Align the nail with the cuticle and press down and then enjoy fantasy nails

Steps to remove fantasy nails:

Step1: Trim nails with nail clippers

Step2: File nail surface using the blue side

Step3: Soak nails in remover for 3-4 minutes and rub fantasy nails against bristles

Step4: Repeat on other fingers and do not soak for more than 20 minutes.

Fantasy nails Conclusion:

Coming to the end of the topic, fantasy nails are a quick and easy way to have perfectly shaped and designed nails at home. Though fake nails can do some damage like infection, fantasy nails are made to do less harm than any other.

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