Fall Guys this is the mixture of Yellow Humor and Fortnite that sweeps the world

Fall Guys: this is the mixture of Yellow Humor and Fortnite that sweeps the world

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout , a game released on August 4, is the latest sensation in the business. Available for PlayStation 4 (it’s free for PlayStation Plus users) and PC, it was enthusiastically received by youtubers and personalities such as Ibai Llanos who broadcast their games on Twitch, which made it surpass one and a half million players in just 24 hours . Its own developers acknowledge on Steam that they did not expect this success, so there are certain problems with the servers.

What has caused this furor? Easy: a mixture of simplicity, addiction (“just one more”, you say before playing four more games) and fun. Everything is hectic and it wouldn’t work otherwise.

Each player takes possession of a colorful (in the Fortnite palette, but with even more pastel shades) and childish avatar. Fall Guys for all audiences and is not ashamed of it. There are no differences between the characters beyond the aesthetic ones and all of them can walk -with difficulties-, jump and jump. Space is limited, so clashes with other players are a component that must be taken into account for the strategy.

In Fall Guys, each game is made up of several qualifying mini-games in which a maximum of 6 players participate. These are chosen randomly and fewer and fewer people go to the next round, which is reminiscent, in a way, of battle royales like Fortnite: there can only be one left.

Typically there are five rounds, although this amount is not fixed. After the first phase, around a third of the players are eliminated, while in the following phases the number may vary. If the competition is too fierce and too many of these beans are left by the wayside, the final will be brought forward.

Winning in Fall Guys grants a crown, which can later be redeemed in the shop (there is another currency, kudos, much easier to get). Also, of course, there are paid clothing packs that are bought with real money.

Each screen is easy to understand and even easier to play. The most normal thing is that you have to go from point A to point B avoiding obstacles, which can be several doors of which only some will open (as in the mythical Takeshi Kitano program) or a bar that flocks characters and their chances of victory.

However, there are a great variety of missions and it is possible to even play soccer, although it is true that it is a version of the sport in which it would be less surprising if a Grand Prix heifer appeared running than Sergio Ramos ready to finish a corner .

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