Falcons vs Cowboys

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The Falcons and the Cowboys are both NFC teams that have been competing for over 50 years. Both of these historic football teams have won two Super Bowls each, making this game very important as there will be a winner and a loser. The Atlanta Falcons play in the Georgia Dome located in Atlanta, Georgia. Their home stadium is known for its unique roof design made to look like an airplane wing. The Dallas Cowboys play at AT&T Stadium which is located near Arlington, Texas. 

This stadium is also known for its unique design with giant windows that overlook the city of Dallas below it. With both of these stadiums being so different from one another it will make this game interesting since they are playing on foreign turf rather than their own backyard where they are most. 

The Falcons vs. the Cowboys was a nail-biter of a game with lots of action and excitement throughout. The Falcons, who had lost their last three games, were able to score two touchdowns against the Cowboys in just under twelve minutes near the end of first half and into the beginning of second half. They then held on to win by one point and clinch their first victory since week five! This is big because it’s been hard for this team to get back up after losing so many times but they managed to rally together once again and prove that they still have what it takes to be competitive!