Facebook cancels its face-to-face events until June 2021

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Facebook announces that, until June 2021, it will not hold any face-to-face event with a large influx , which if held will adopt the digital format, to follow the recommendations of the experts in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic .

Cancel the celebration of those physical events that can bring together 50 people or more

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The technology company follows the indications of the experts about the meetings of large groups of people, and for this reason it has decided that it cancels the celebration of physical events that can bring together 50 people or more, until June 2021.

This decision, as explained by the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg , in a publication on his official profile, means that some of these events will be held in a virtual format, about which they will give “more details soon.” At the end of February, the tech company announced that it would not hold its annual developers conference, F8, in San José in May(U.S). This event is the framework for the presentation of the news in which the company has worked together with the developer community, and as explained on the official page, those responsible will carry out “a series of updates throughout the year” to make them known .

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