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pokémon go news

pokemon go gen 2 news

The popular mobile game comes to Russia, and with it – and revolutionary opportunities for using augmented reality. The new illusory world is beautiful, but unpredictable, says Anastasia Melnikova.
Anastasia Melnikova, columnist for Russia Today News Agency
The Pokemon Go smartphone app continues its triumphant march around the world; social networks are overflowing with discussions of a new game using so-called augmented reality. This is truly a big event, if not a revolution, in the world of the video industry and a harbinger of the rapid development of this technology.

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14 July 2016, 03:33
New York cops caught playing Pokemon Go
The video blogger found four New York law enforcement officers working on catching “pocket monsters”. In a conversation, one of them admitted that “he has already caught a wild Pikachu.”
The unprecedented popularity of the new application will allow more active implementation of augmented reality (AR – “augmented reality”) in other projects of mobile developers. After all, such games do not need the most complex video helmets to immerse themselves in virtual reality – you only need a smartphone and a lot of free time.
The mobile game took the lead in Google Play and the App Store in a few days, and the word Pokemon is now among the most popular searches in the world. The video with the announcement of the game, posted on YouTube on July 6, has collected millions of views only on the official page of the application.

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Is Pokemon Go available in Russia?
The release of the game in Russia is expected in the very near future, according to preliminary data – before the end of this week . In the meantime, Pokémon are available in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.

But it is clear that impatient Russian fans will find how to download the game – it’s really easy, just google it.

St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin
July 14, 2016 12:40 pm
Peskov does not believe that the Kremlin is the place to “catch” Pokemon
The object of the Pokemon Go game is to catch the Pokemon. Earlier, the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum banned visitors from playing Pokemon Go on its territory, calling this behavior disrespectful.
When the app is downloaded, you aim your phone at real objects and, if you’re lucky, you see a virtual Pokemon that you can catch. So you collect a variety of pocket monsters in your collection, the rest is just like in a regular game.
Winding thousands of steps around the city in search of Pokémon and caches with bonuses is a strange activity, of course, but not for fans of mobile games. Moreover, in this case, they at least move, and do not sit, buried in phones or tablets.

So far, Russia has not yet faced a mass invasion of fans of the mobile game into one or another area of ​​the city, but everything is ahead.

Video frames from various American cities have already flown around the world – and it looks like madness.

Dissatisfaction with the hobby for virtual searches is expressed by representatives of the police, hospitals, and railway transport. Employees of the largest museums and galleries are urging to stop catching Pokémon within their walls.

The future of augmented reality
Augmented reality technology can be successfully used in the entertainment industry, primarily in various shows and concerts. Something similar – the combination of complex virtual reality and the movements of real people was demonstrated at once in several song numbers at the recent Eurovision Song Contest, including Sergey Lazarev’s.

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True, so far this is only a high-tech video projection, where viewers are only observers, but not full-fledged participants in the illusory world.

Viewers watching a movie through virtual reality glasses
July 8, 2016, 14:00
We are all loaded into the matrix: Russian cinema goes into virtual reality
Pavel Gaikov watched student films created using the new technology of virtual reality, and made sure that now everything is subject to cinema.
However, films have already appeared that completely immerse a person in the virtual world. He is almost like real, you can feel him, become one of the heroes of the film. Moreover, one and the same film can be watched several times through special glasses, turning your head in different directions or standing up – and each time everything will be seen differently. One example is the new film “The Story of a Jester” by Alexei Bystritsky and Alexei Likhnitsky, filmed at the Moscow Film School.

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Augmented reality is already becoming not only a technique for making films, but also its plot, ideology, an illusory world in which everything is possible, as, for example, in a futuristic short film created by Eran May-Raz and Daniel Lazo (Bezalel Academy of Arts) … In it, the main character uses augmented reality for new dates and creating a special dating application – a very interesting job.

Also among those who managed to catch and develop the trend is the Swiss cyber magician Marco Tempest. He combines elements of illusion and science, his real movements and the virtual world. And the audience is delighted with such amazing tricks: no one has done this before.

It is clear that the use of augmented reality is the future in the development of high-tech advertising. The virtual world will participate in the promotion of goods and help a person make choices based on their search queries and previous purchases, preferences and hobbies.

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