Every person on Earth generates 1.7MB of data per second, what can be done with all that information?

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Annually, cloud software firm DOMO publishes a report on the amount of data collected every minute, and presumably the numbers are increasing year over year. The 2019 report, ‘Data Never Sleeps 7.0’ , states that this year there will be 40 times more bytes of data than there are stars in the observable universe . In the 2018 chart , it was stated that “more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day” and that it is estimated that each person on Earth generates 1.7MB of data per second . We are 7.75 billion.

88% of managers worldwide consider investing in big data and artificial intelligence as a priority need , according to a study by NewVantage Partners , a technology firm specializing in data-driven business transformation. In Spain, this tech market is being one of the fastest and most solidly growing.

Just taking into account the hectic activity of the approximately 4,500 million Internet users in the world, it seems logical to think that it is necessary to have the appropriate solutions and infrastructure to be able to store and manage all the information that these people generate.

We’re not just talking about social media or entertainment: 188 million emails are sent every minute , around 4.5 million searches are made on Google and more than 200,000 Skype calls are made . And these data refer to the panorama prior to the health crisis, since they are from 2019

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