Esperanza Aguirre messes with the car again: caught talking on her mobile and letting go of the wheel

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Esperanza Aguirre messes with the car again: caught talking on her mobile and letting go of the wheelThe former president of the Community of Madrid Esperanza Aguirre has done it again. One more incident has been added to her list of driving incidents after El Confidencial published a video this Saturday in which the former politician appears talking on the mobile phone while driving. At one point, he even lets go of the vehicle’s steering wheel .

The images were recorded last Friday in Madrid, although this is not the first time that a controversy of this type affects Aguirre. The best-known case occurred in 2014. Some images came to light in which she appeared parking her car in the second row of Gran Vía, from where she escaped at the moment in which an agent showed his intention to fine her. However, Aguirre did not lecture and just two months after this event he stopped again in the second row , as Public denounced , although on that occasion, she was not driving the vehicle.

Aguirre has also recently been caught staying in the middle of a crosswalk after trying to run a traffic light. It was last Friday, December 13, in the central Calle Pez, also in Madrid, according to El Plural .

In addition, in the car it is not the only place where you have used the phone when you should not. Aguirre was also caught using her mobile phone in the Madrid City Council Plenary. It was in 2016, when she acted as spokesman for the PP. Aguirre slipped out of the session to listen to a radio by telephone . The image that went viral is that of politics lying on the ground, leaning against a wall and talking on the phone.This last recklessness has been commented on and criticized on social networks, where some tweeters have taken the opportunity, above all, to demand punishment for the events .

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