Endesa X launches “City Analytics-Mobility Map” to help in the fight against coronavirus

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In support of the covid-19 emergency, Endesa X, Endesa’s innovative business line, in coordination with Enel X and HERE Technologies, a world leader in geographic and cartographic data services at an international level, have launched “City Analytics – Map of Mobility “, a great data solution that estimates the variation of trips and kilometers traveled by citizens throughout the national, regional, provincial and municipal territory. The solution has been adapted to the exceptional situation of covid-19 from the City Analytics suite, a platform for Smart Cities developed by Enel X for Public Administrations and urban planning.

Endesa X, in its continuous commitment to innovation and the avant-garde in helping Public Administrations, launches City Analytics – Mobility Map . At a time when having the possibility to analyze the movements of citizens becomes a necessity of our Public Administrations, Endesa X deploys a technological tool free of charge that will allow decision-making from the knowledge of the aggregate movements of citizens , in order to be able to plan a feasible, staggered as well as reliable exit from this confinement situation and a return to the new normal.


This platform is a tool that provides a mapping of mobility macro-flows in the Spanish territory at regional, provincial and municipal levels, based on the analysis of anonymous and aggregated data of connected vehicles, maps and connected navigation systems, processed in correlation with the location data of the mobile and open data applications of the Public Administration. All this generation of data-based information maintains, of course, all the necessary principles of security, anonymity and guarantee of privacy .


Processing this movement flow data leads to the identification of some key indicators:


Knowledge of the percentage variation, in comparison with a weighted average of January 2020 and with the same day of the previous week, of the number of movements in the territory, with an aggregated regional, provincial and municipal view.

Knowledge of the daily percentage variation, in comparison with a weighted average of January 2020 and with the same day of the previous week, of the total number of kilometers traveled, with an aggregated regional, provincial and municipal view.

Knowledge of the percentage of entries and exits of a given municipality with daily view.

Possibility of viewing the origin / destination matrices that show the percentage of daily trips between the 50 largest Spanish cities.

In the words of Josep Trabado , General Manager of Endesa X: “We want to be the benchmark technology and energy partner for cities. City Analytics – Mobility Map is part of the portfolio of Smart City solutions that we offer to our customers, including Find the YoUrban Platform for the management of smart street lighting, which is part of our Smart City IoT Platform and which integrates the management of the different verticals of city services, not only smart street lighting, but also traffic management , security, video surveillance or the management of charging points “.


“HERE Technologies” is determined to exploit its intelligence position in the fight against the global Coronavirus pandemic. Together with Enel X, we hope to help the country contain and control the spread of the coronavirus in a way that respects the privacy of Spanish citizens, “said Edzard Overbeek, CEO of HERE Technologies.


The data can be consulted free of charge until July 31, 2020 by the central and local Public Administrations, the competent authorities and Civil Protection, on the endesaX.com portal , and be used to understand the impacts of the covid containment measures -19; identify the areas that need more support in the implementation of these measures; and analyze in a data-driven way the gradual return to normality once the pandemic is over. In addition to institutions, citizens will also be able to access public data on daily mobility flows through the data panel on the Endesa X website, and actively support administrations in this delicate phase for our country.

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