EL MUNDO already exceeds 50,000 digital subscribers

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EL MUNDO has exceeded 50,000 digital subscribers up to date this summer, while consolidating its leadership position in the main open-ended metrics. Barely 10 months after the launch of its Premium product , a pioneer in the Spanish national press, this milestone exceeds the best expectations and represents a strong endorsement of this newspaper’s commitment to vigorous and quality journalism. If this newspaper revolutionized information and the way of presenting it 30 years ago, and did so again with the launch of elmundo.es , in this new decisive phase in the evolution of the business model it is once again an example of audacity.

The annual subscribers figure, which is close to 45%, is another sign of the loyalty of this audience with the EL MUNDO brand. During the state of alarm, the portfolio increased by 178%, compared to 13% in the international market in the same period, and annual registrations soared by 361% , an unequivocal symptom of how the Unidad Editorial newspaper was then positioned as a reference indispensable, precisely at the time when Spanish society demanded better information and a critical sense to interpret it.

El mundo.es exceeds 50,000 subscribers
The journalists of EL MUNDO were the first to enter an ICU in the midst of a pandemic to be direct witnesses of the reality that our doctors and nurses had to face, those who investigated in extremely difficult conditions the disastrous management of medical supplies in the face of the triumphant appearance that The Government or those who persecuted, obtained and dared to publish the devastating images that will remain in the collective memory of the Spaniards tried to transmit. EL MUNDO’s commitment is always with the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be .

The merit of the editorial staff of EL MUNDO is even greater when it has maintained an indisputable leadership in the official comScore metrics that certify that it continues to be the most and best read digital newspaper in the country. Despite reserving its most attractive content for its Premium followers, EL MUNDO continues, light years from its pursuers, to be the leader in reading minutes (575 million per month), visits (207 million in July) and in the fundamental parameter for the advertising business, page views (400 million in the last measurement), all these data that prove the good health of its traffic and differentiate it from ‘clickbait’.

Aware of the citizen’s need to receive reliable information, the web version of EL MUNDO keeps most of the information on the pandemic open and free: all those that fulfill the vocation of public service, with the same identity signs as always. The head of the Editorial Unit has adopted the freemium model , which is the one followed by most European media, and reserves for its subscribers the content that provides differential added value and quality, those that require greater investment of talent, time and effort by its best professionals.

Among the latter are the great investigative works of journalists such as Esteban Urreiztieta or Ángela Martialay , who have marked the news of the last year for their rigor, veracity and excellence: from the exchange of letters between Corinna Larsen and the Casa del Rey for the activities from Don Juan Carlos to the most influential revelations about the financing of Podemos or the lies of its leaders in the Dina case . Also the irreverence, nonconformity and combative reporting of the most genuine supplements of this newspaper: LOC and Crónica . Or the clues for seasoned investors that Actualidad Económica offers .

The greatest newspaper writers find in EL MUNDO the ideal space to give flight of style and freedom to their signature and our columnists are one of the great reasons for the success of our subscription model. Among the pieces with the most conversions in these 10 months are those signed by the director of EL MUNDO, Francisco Rosell, as well as Arcadi Espada, Jorge Bustos, Federico Jiménez Losantos, Raúl del Pozo, Lucía Méndez, Emilia Landaluce, Rafa Latorre, Maite Rico or Leyre Iglesias , among others.

EL MUNDO’s newsroom has evolved in the last year, implementing the transformations that other large international media have adopted before, to adapt to the modernity of a very competitive environment and place the production of digital content as the very heart of the organization: the Quality and value-added content is king, and the evaluation and monitoring of the consumption habits of our readers is one of the highest priorities. Unidad Editorial will continue to invest in the technological tools that place EL MUNDO at the forefront.

Being Premium is not only having exclusive access to the most elaborate information, it is entering into a community of influential readers and having many other advantages, such as EL MUNDO’s collection of newsletters. Both the editorial advance, which allows subscribers to read the next day’s news before anyone else, and the morning summary prepared by Víctor de la Serna and Martí Saballs with the highlights of the international press, have an open rate of 40% , twice the average of the newsletters in the sector.

EL MUNDO subscribers can also participate in exclusive cultural events, forums and parties, visit the newsroom every month and interact with journalists, as well as intervene with their own live questions to today’s leading figures through streaming interviews.

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