Eight tips to get the most out of your new iPhone

There are several tools, options and functions that even the most veteran of iPhone users can miss.
September and October are months when many people end up with an iPhone in their pocket. Apple launches new models and that also means that the old ones that were already in circulation change hands. But whether you are a newcomer to iOS or a veteran who has owned each and every one of the iPhones that have been around, you may not know some of the possibilities it offers. With these tips, shortcuts and hidden functions you will save time when using the phone, and many are also compatible with the iPad .

Siri may not be the smartest virtual assistant, true, and it is often frustrating trying to carry on a conversation or ask for a complex task. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up on Siri: it can be incredibly useful and effective for certain simple day-to-day commands like setting the alarm (“Hey Siri, wake me up at 7”), a timer in the kitchen ( “Hey Siri, put a 3 minute countdown”) or even to activate certain phone functions when our hands are full (“Hey Siri, turn on the flashlight”).

If you get frequent calls from promotional numbers, surveys, and more, iOS 13 has a new feature that will possibly make your life easier. In the Settings> Phone menu you can now activate a call filter that prevents the phone from ringing if you receive a call from someone who is not previously in our contacts. Calls are diverted to voicemail and appear as missed calls in the recent calls list. The phone also detects if the phone has recently been used in a message or email conversation , and if so, let it ring to avoid missing a call from a work contact or someone we just met.

Typing with the virtual keyboard on the screen is not comfortable and sooner or later an error escapes us (to which we must frequently add the wrong decisions of the autocorrect). If we want to correct a letter within a word, the best way to move the cursor is not by pressing on it with your finger, but by keeping your finger pressed on the space bar of the virtual keyboard. This activates a virtual trackpad that allows you to precisely position the cursor anywhere and quickly correct an error.

Quickly charging your phone to 100% every night and leaving it charged for hours while connected to power degrades battery life . In the latest version of iOS, Apple has included a function to alleviate this effect and extend its useful life a bit. To activate it, go to Settings> Battery> Battery health and activate charge optimization. The phone will charge only up to 80% of its capacity and will remain in that range until a few minutes before we wake up (the iPhone estimates the moment based on the activity history or the time set in the alarm), which This is when it quickly charges the remaining 20%.

Your phone’s camera can be used for much more than just taking pictures. For example, you can transform your iPhone into an advanced magnifying glass with which to read the menu in a restaurant or a document with very small print. To do so, just go into Settings> Accessibility> Magnifier and activate the function. When the side button is pressed three times in a row, the tool will be activated, which also offers high contrast modes to improve the legibility of the texts.

In last year’s version of the iOS operating system Apple introduced a new Control Center. A shortcut to a panel where you can activate and deactivate common functions such as WiFi or Bluetooth connection or adjust the brightness of the screen. This panel is accessed by sliding your finger from the upper right corner of the iPhone screen . What many users do not know is that it has advanced functionalities. If we want to access the available WiFi networks, for example, it is not necessary to go to Settings> WiFi as is usually done, it is possible to see a list of the available networks simply by pressing and holding the WiFi icon in the control center and the same to access a list of Bluetooth devices in a nearby radius.

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