Donald Trump says that Spain “is having a bad time” due to Covid-19 and that the US is “much better” than the EU

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President of USA , Donald Trump , said Thursday that Spain “is doing badly” by the Covid-19 and ensures that his country has fared “much better than the European Union” and hopes to have “overcome the peak “of infections, despite having recorded more cases and deaths than any other nation.

“In the last five weeks per capita cases have doubled in France, they have risen more than 300% in Spain, (a country) that I’ve been hearing things about and I’ve been talking to some of the leaders in Spain, and they are. going bad, “Trump said during a press conference at the White House .

“Spain is having a great impact (the pandemic),” the president insisted. Trump was thus trying to mark a “contrast” between the situation in Europe and that of the United States, which this Wednesday exceeded 190,000 deaths from coronavirus, more than any other country in the world, and which already has more than 6.3 million confirmed infections.

“We have done much, much better than the European Union, ” Trump has defended.

“There they have a huge peak, while we are confident that we have already passed our peak, we’ll see, but we are doing very well throughout the country,” he added.

“It seems to me that nobody is in a position to give lessons and, with all due respect, except its current president,” Health Minister Salvador Illa replied to the words of the US president on TVE.

Although it is true that the United States has recently experienced a downward trend in its number of confirmed cases while Spain and France tended to rise in the moving average of infections in the last seven days, the picture is different if deaths from Covid-19 .

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The moving average of deaths per million inhabitants in the United States in the last seven days is 2.15, while in Spain it is 1.33 and in France it is 0.23, according to official data collected by the Our World platform in Data (OWID) , from the University of Oxford .

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