Does anyone know my passwords? With this trick you will find out in 1 minute

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In the world there are more than 4,000 million passwords that have been leaked.
Mozilla, the creators of the popular Firefox browser, has an agreement with the developer and cybersecurity expert, Troy Hunt, which allows any user to know in a matter of seconds if their email is secure or if, on the contrary, your password has been been exposed by some of the massive data breaches that have occurred over the past few years.

In the world there are more than 4,000 million emails that have been hacked and whose passwords have been exposed , according to data collected by the haveibeenpwned website , developed by Hunt himself before reaching this agreement with Mozilla. In this way we will have two ways to check if someone else has access to our password .


The operation of this page to improve the security of your pc is simple. After accessing its website, it asks you to simply enter an email address that matches your database and informs you if your password is exposed or if, on the contrary, it is an email account which is currently safe.


However, the new Firefox Monitor also allows us to register our email address so that, at the moment it is hacked or when the password has been exposed, it sends us an alert through our mobile phone warning us of the security breach.

In these cases, the first thing to do is change the password . The best practice is to use a strong password. In essence, it is a combination of numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters of eight characters or more.

Avoid at all costs including your name, that of people around you , predictable numbers (dates of birth or similar) or very common words. If you want to create a very secure password and be able to always remember it, here is a small guide to do so so that you can protect all your accounts on social networks and email addresses.

In addition, if we want even greater security, most companies offer the option of activating two-step verification when we want to access our email. This added ‘defense’ system requires the person accessing an account with a user’s name and password to also enter a code that is generated randomly and sent by message to a phone number.

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