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40% of adults over 50 suffer from snoring on a regular basis. That is why a Spanish company has created a small device that proposes a very easy and practical solution to say goodbye to those unwanted night noises. This anti-snoring clip has taken the head of the market in just two weeks as the most effective and practical solution.

A 100% innovative anti-snoring clip

Millions of people know that snoring has consequences for both health and life as a couple. About a man in two and a woman in four suffer from snoring. This problem was previously considered a problem that simply disturbed sleep for many couples, however, snoring has been recognized to be the cause of many health problems. Night apnea syndrome, in its most chronic cases, can have serious health consequences, including even premature death.

But now there is a revolutionary solution that can improve breathing and get rid of snoring from the first use.

Why is this anti-snoring clip so special?

According to many cases, snoring can occur in temporary situations or on a regular basis. In many cases snoring can cause disability if it occurs with respiratory pauses, known as “night apnea”. Ruining the quality of our sleep, noise is produced by abnormal vibrations that occur at the moment of inspiration, and can reach up to 100 decibels. Snoring is thus, frequently, the cause of problems in many couples, and of extreme fatigue due to poor quality of sleep.


SilentSnore is a discreet and soft silicone clip that fits on the nose and adapts to all nostrils. This clip has magnets that prevent them from falling. You will no longer have to use large and uncomfortable devices or devices to get rid of snoring, this small device offers you a very effective solution by avoiding congestion in the nasal passages.


Improve the quality of breathing

Eliminate snoring

Improve sleep quality Chinese medicine and magnetic therapy to combat snoring

The SilentSnore is inspired by the principles of Chinese medicine and magnetic therapy. The magnets in this accessory prevent nasal congestion and eliminate snoring for a restful sleep. SilentSnore opens the nostrils naturally, ensuring the passage of air in the nasal passages. In this way, the air will circulate better towards the lungs, avoiding both snoring and other health problems. This silicone anti-snoring clip is soft and hypoallergenic. It’s so light that you won’t feel like you’re wearing it. Nice, light and easy to use, you just have to place it in your nostrils to breathe naturally, producing aautomatic improvement of your breathing, eliminating snoring and improving the quality of your sleep.

Who can use the SilentSnore anti snoring clip?

SilentSnore is suitable for both men and women of all ages who want to reduce or get rid of snoring while sleeping. This accessory adapts to all morphologies

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