Coronavirus: large biotech companies request transparency to pharmaceutical companies with vaccines in an open letter

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Presidents and CEOs of some of the world’s leading biotech companies , under the umbrella of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, have released an Open Letter to the Biopharmaceutical Industry calling for, “as clinical trial data on a variety of of vaccines and therapies “to combat Covid-19 , guarantee” the integrity, transparency and objective evaluation of new data “to protect the health and trust of the public.

For these professionals, “if this is done correctly, we will stop the pandemic, save lives, revive our economy and allow a return to a more normal life”, since they will have managed to get out of the pandemic “better prepared to face and react to future biological threats “.

In this sense, this document contains a series of principles that should govern the development, review, approval and distribution of Covid-19 treatments and vaccines by all agents involved in the biotechnological process.

Thus, it emphasizes that these new products “must be manufactured in large quantities and distributed rapidly to all segments of our society. Physicians, public health officials, patients and healthy citizens will need to be educated regarding their safety, efficacy and risk / benefit “.

The widespread adoption of these new products will be based “on confidence in the integrity of the scientific and public health principles that govern their development and approval,” influence professionals. Therefore, they add that clinical trials should be carried out following best practices “to ensure the credibility of the data.” In addition, these clinical data will be disclosed in well-respected scientific meetings or published in rigorous and independent journals.

For all this, these companies consider that political leaders should not influence the development and approval of new drugs, with the aim that only their safety and efficacy is based solely on “a rigorous collection and evaluation of data from all competent bodies “. Also, the distribution of these drugs should be based on “sound public health considerations.”

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