Congressional Representative Adam Kinzinger Net Worth: How much does he really earn?

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Adam Kinzinger is an American politician and military official. He is best known for his work as United States Representative for the 16th Illinois Conference Conference. Adam is a member of the Republican Party, elected to the ANC for the first time in 2010 from 11 constituencies. As of 2021, Adam Kinzinger’s total value is estimated at $ 1 million.

Full Name Adam Daniel Kinzinger
Birth Date February 27, 1978
Birth Place Kankakee, Illinois, U. S.
Profession Politician
Wife Sofia Boza-Holman
Net Worth $1 million

Early life

Adam Kinzinger was born on 27th February 1978 in Kankakee, Illinois, United States. He was born to parents, Rus Kinzinger, and Betty Jo. His father, Rus, is the CEO of a religious organization, and his mother, Betty Jo, has served as an elementary school teacher. Adam spent his youth in Jacksonville, Florida.

In terms of his education, he graduated from Norman Community West High School in 1996. Later, he studied at Illinois State University where he held his Bachelor’s degree in 2000.

Adam Kinzinger Net Worth & Career

While studying in Illinois State, he ran for office in McLean County as a member of the district board. He was only 20 years old when he won the election and with his victory, he became one of the youngest district board members in McLean County history. After serving five years as a board member, he resigned in 2003. He then served as a trainee student for former United States Senator Peter Fitzgerald.

In 2003, Adam joined the United States Air Force, where he became the 2nd Lieutenant in November 2003. He was later awarded for his pilot wings. Adam was previously the pilot of the KC-135 Stratotanker, and during his career, he flew to various countries such as Guam, Iraq, South America, and Afghanistan. Kinzinger later began piloting a RC-26 patrol aircraft, and as part of the operation, he was suspended from Iraq twice.

After returning from his 3rd trip to Iraq, he began campaigning for Illinois’ 11th regional election. On February 2, 2020, he won a landslide victory in the general election of five Republican candidates by 64% of the vote. On November 2, 2010, he defeated Democratic, U.S. Congressman, Debbie Halvorson with 57 votes to 43%.

In March 2016, he won the Republican primary election with 100% of the vote. On August 3, 2016, he strongly opposed Donald Trump when he said he would not support GOP president-elect Trump. In 2018, she defeated Democratic Alliance challenge, Sara Dady by gaining 59.1% of the vote. Similarly, in 2020, he defeated Democrat, Dani Brzozowski by 65% ​​of the vote.

Adam became a member of the Republic House on February 4, 2021, where all members voted to resign, Marjorie Taylor Green resigned from the House Budget Committee, and the Education and Labor Committee. One month later in March 2021, he joined 7 other Republicans to join the majority of the House. Eight Republicans played a key role in passing the Bipartisan Background Act 2021.

Kinzinger has also made headlines for being a rare Republican critic of former US President Donald Trump and his first indictment. On January 7, 2021, he became the first member of the Republic to request Trump to be removed from office through the 25th Amendment after the U.S. hurricane. Capitol. He joined 34 other Republicans on May 19, 2021, to set up a January 6 commission set up to investigate the US Capitol attacks.

Adam Kinzinger Personal Life

Adam Kinzinger is married to Sofia Boza-Holman. He tied the knot on the sofa and broke up with Sofia on February 16, 2020. Sofia was a retired political aide, John Boehner. Before she got married, she was engaged to Sofia in June 2019. Adam also had a romantic relationship with an Air Force Captain named Riki Meyers in 2011. She even promised to marry him in 2011. However, the couple broke up their marriage in 2012.

Adam Kinzinger Net Worth

As US ambassador, Adam would receive an average salary of $ 174,000 a year. Adam has been active as a politician since 2010, and in his more than ten years of involvement in U.S. politics. Since 2021, Adam Kinzinger has reportedly earned an estimated $ 1 million.