Cables of 150 euros and wheels of 800: the most expensive accessories that Apple sells

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One of the latest news from the Apple store costs 149 euros . If it were not the apple brand, whose cheapest phone starts at 489 euros , it could be a headset or even a low-end phone . It is, however, something much more pedestrian: a cable .

The cable in question is a two-meter Thunderbolt 3 Pro (it comes out at 74.50 a meter) “with a black braided design that prevents it from getting tangled when coiled” and transfers data “at a speed of up to 40 Gb / s” (It stays at 10 Gb / s in the case of USB 3.1 Gen 2 “.

Among the recommended products appear, curiously and redundantly, other cables, one of which offers similar performance and size, although it renounces the braided design , which is evident in its reduced price: 79.95 euros .

It is not the first Apple product with a price that has generated controversy, surprise or both. When it introduced its latest Mac Pro, it was quite impressed by the price of its display stand, Pro Stand , which costs 1,099 euros , more than an iPad Pro or iPhone 11 and only 100 euros cheaper than the cheaper MacBook Air model. The screen, by the way, starts at 5,499 euros and is sold separately.

The list of accessories for the Mac Pro does not end here: the stainless steel four-leg kit is worth 349 euros (87.25 per end) and comes with an Allen wrench (additional tools are needed for installation, according to the own company). The computer, in any case, comes with four factory installed.

Why would anyone spend this money on something that comes standard? Simple: the Mac Pro can also be purchased with casters and these mounts are not included in that case.

As you might expect, “custom designed rubber and stainless steel wheels” are not cheap. What might not be expected is that they cost 849 euros ( 212.25 each ) in their pack with the Allen key insufficient for installation.

According to Apple, “they make it very easy to move your Mac Pro under the desk or wherever you prefer to have it.” In the highlights section, the signature highlights two: “compatible with Mac Pro (current generation)” and “increased mobility for your Mac Pro.” For comparison, a set of four 16-inch tires ranges between 220 and 350 euros.

In defense of the company, two spears have to be broken: none of these accessories is essential to work with its products and a design and development process is included in the price. This may not be appreciated so much in a cable, but it can be seen more clearly reflected, for example, in the Magic Keyboard ( 399 euros ) that turns the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (from 1,099 euros) into a laptop … from 1,498. Exactly one euro less than a MacBook Pro.

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