Business Technology: What is DNA-Based Computing?

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DNA-based computing is an emerging branch of computing that uses DNA hardware, biochemistry, and molecular biology , rather than traditional silicon-based computing technologies. Research and development in this area concerns the theory, experiments and applications of DNA computing.

University of Southern California professor of computer science and molecular biology Leonard Adleman initially developed this field in 1994. Adleman demonstrated a computer application with a DNA proof of concept.

According to Gartner, some critical technologies to consider this year include DNA-based computing, biodegradable sensors , and carbon-based transistors.

Author Leah Cannon published an article for MIT Technology Review in 2015 explaining that for more than 20 years, researchers have explored how DNA could be used as a material for computing.

Most likely, DNA-based computing will be harnessed to work inside living cells and combined with their existing machinery, making possible new methods of detecting and treating disease.

For example, how DNA computers could be used for extremely accurate detection of cancers. The author explained that we are talking about a new programming language that in the future will be able to open new applications.

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