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Xiaomi offers a great quality and ridiculously priced alternative to Apple’s pioneering wireless headphones

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When Apple released its Airpods in 2016 there were many doubts about the usefulness of a wireless earbud that seemed destined to be lost. Four years and hundreds of clones later, it is clear that it is a market that users are very interested in, although the 179 euros they cost hurts like 179 stabs. And it is precisely in this stabbing where companies like Xiaomi have found their niche: you can lose four pairs of Mi True Wireless 2 ( 39.99 euros ) before having spent what the cheapest AirPods cost.

However, the Mi True Wireless 2 are much more than an inexpensive alternative; It is useless to cost less money if then the result is a horror. Luckily, it seems that Xiaomi was clear about it and they are precisely that: an alternative. A Ferrari is not the same as a Dacia, but both take you to Estepona , which in the end is what matters.

Thus, both the sound and the autonomy, the two pillars on which these devices must be supported, are more than correct and not only for their price.

Sound and volume are correct, somewhat muted and with improvable bass, but quite good for its range . The shortcomings, of course, are less noticeable when watching videos or series than with music, which requires greater clarity to appreciate all the details. The Mi True Wireless 2 are more of a broad brush.

Despite the fact that the Mi True Wireless 2 are large and rough-looking, they are not annoying when used, mainly due to their very measured weight. Without using any type of additional support system, it never seems that they are going to fall, not even in these days of mask and heat.

Visually they are more attractive in positions – when their size does not seem so exaggerated – than in the hand. They are strong, with a design that could improve in future models. It is true that in this sense it is noticeable that they are not AirPods, as it is also true that each time the comparison is made it should be remembered that, by price, they are two completely different ranges. We return to the Ferrari, Dacia and Estepona.

Battery life is around four hours on the low and five on the high , more than enough time for almost any activity, movie, or playlist.

The box provides another 20 hours that would allow us to reach the day of continuous use if we did not have to go through the pits every so often. In any case, they are the same figures that the high-end handles and this is very good news.

Although they are not particularly intelligent headphones, they do have the ability to ‘understand’ various situations and, for example, pause playback if one of them is removed. In addition, the pairing is practically immediate and you just have to take them out of their box so that they connect to the phone and start working.

Touch control requires a bit of practice, as it is not immediate nor does it have physical response – it does not ‘click’, well – so at first it is difficult to know if the button has been pressed or not. The functions are limited (the option to skip song is missing), but enough: answer calls, pause or continue playback and activate the voice assistant.

The box has a very simple and quite elegant design, although the size and, above all, its thickness and its straight lines can be somewhat exaggerated for the smallest and tightest pockets: not only is it a considerable bulk, but on top of it it is one that it sticks. The weight, yes, is perfect: light enough to notice that it is there, but not a gram more.

While it is not necessary to have a Xiaomi phone, as you might expect, the integration with MIUI is better and drink in gulps and shamelessly from the experience that Apple designed to connect the AirPods with your devices. And it is that, in general, this is the norm with the Mi True Wireless 2: a Ferrari experience in a body (and price) of Dacia.

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