Bella Hadid says dismal selfies assisted her adapt to ‘horrendous and crippling’ misery


Bella Hadid revealed that her decision to post pictures of herself crying on her Instagram account instead of taking medications helped her cope with depression. The model, 25, revealed that she suffers from a combination of epilepsy and post-traumatic stress disorder, which led to the treatments that were intended to help ease the symptoms but ended up making it worse instead. ‘Instead of taking pills every day I do this,’ Bella captioned one photo showing herself sobbing against a white wall while wearing sunglasses and red lipstick.

“There is some kind of misconception that [therapists are] only helpful if you are severely mentally ill… which isn’t true,” Bella said in another Instagram post. “Therapy has really saved my life so many times.”

She let Wall Street Journal’s Magazine know that the post in November caused her to feel “less forlorn” as fans connected with help.

“At the point when I presented them it was on ensure anyone that was feeling as such realized it was OK to feel as such,” she said in a meeting for WSJ’s My Monday Morning.